Happy Fall!

Happy Fall my loves! Don’t kill me. I know its been FOREVER since my last post but LIFE. But I’m here! I’m Back! I’m still shopping! And I’m healthy! Yes, that’s right. Healthy. I’m getting over a horrible kidney infection that completly took me surprise and turned my life upside down. It was bad. But ANYWHO enough blabbing and more Fall fashion! Today on the blog (man it’s been awhile since I’ve typed that) I’m sharing some fall newbies with you guys!

The newest item..

Caslon Stripe Panel Sweater

I bought it today at Nordstrom for $49! My mom and I had a little shopping and dinner date tonight and my dad and boyfriend went out on their own. Just saying because it was really cute. ANYWHO..this sweater by Caslon. I love Caslon clothing. Its honest to god good quality clothing. I’m happy with all my Caslon pieces. Will always be one of my favorite Nordstrom brands.

I bought with work on my mind. Leggings, wedges, boots, flats…pretty much any shoe will compliment. But SO not feeling it with this color wash of jeans. (I’ll get into my jeans soon) A million different ways I can style this top started coming to mind as soon as I saw it. Tried it on! Loved it! Flipped the switch! Its fun and effortlessly cute! I got the navy blue and I’m thinking about going back for the Ivory color! Its GORGGG. Am I right?!


Also this Caslon top I wanted to talk about! I didn’t get it but I do love it. It just didn’t work for me and I’ll explain…but first the top!

Caslon Peplum Tee

PEPLUM. Peplum is a no, no for me and I’m starting to accept that fact. Something about Peplum it so not flattering on me. I’m short and I’m beginning to think thats the problem. But I did want to give this shirt some attention even though I didn’t get it. Doesn’t mean I can’t love it. Because I DO. Just not on me..


So getting back to my jeans I said I would mention. They’re also (fairly) new!!  They’re Lucky Brand and my new go to pair of skinny jeans. Totally OBSESSED. This is my second pair of Lucky Brand Jeans and I don’t know why I don’t own more of them! This pair is the Ava Mid Rise Legging Jean in Spirited.


They’re honestly the comfiest and roomiest jeans I own. Yes, I said roomiest but sometimes ya need room! The variety of washes and cuts…but who am I kidding, I always buy skinny. Just all around a solid made pair of denim jeans. I love the small details also! The the little “lucky you” on the zipper..TOO CUTE.




After Party Sale Update!

Hi darlings! The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale is officially underway! And the savings are huge. You out did yourself this time around Lilly for sure. Dresses, popovers, leggings, accessories and so much more are discounted as we speak. Things are going FAST. TRUST ME. So if you haven’t shopped the sale yet, I suggest you get on it! And don’t forget all sales are final.


Today on the blog, I’m updating you guys on some items that are still in stock but won’t be for long so hurry, hurry!!

Printed Popover (Originally $98 APS Price $64)

Luxletic Run Around Short (Originally $58 APS Price $34)

Rae Shift Dress (Originally $198 APS Price $69)

Getaway Cover Up (Originally $118 APS Price $39)

Sophie Dress MY FAVORITE (Originally $138 APS Price $79)

Galley Linen Pant (Originally $128 APS Price $39)

Emmeline One Shoulder Dress (Originally $168 APS Price $99)

Moya Silk Caftan (Originally $228 APS Price $64)

Callahan Chino (Originally $118 APS Price $49)

Waverly Top (Originally $78 APS Price $39)


Things I’ve noticed during this particular APS..

  1. XS/S sizes are the most popular. Those go first.
  2. Definitely Lilly’s largest sale yet.
  3. The “virtual wait” does exist. It took me an hour to get on the site.
  4. The queue took way longer. 
  5. If you are sure of item you want, PLACE THE ORDER right then and there. Don’t even bother leaving it in your cart as you continue shopping, it will be gone. 

Best of Luck!

Xo, B

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale!

It’s that time of year again!! The twice yearly Lilly Pulitzer after party sale IS. JUST. DAYS. AWAY. And I am ready to shop and I hope you are too! Today on the blog I’m sharing all the ins and outs of the sale. What you need to know. What we can expect to see. The savings. Items I hope to see. Shopping dos and don’ts And much more!

So get your Luxletics on and pour your bubbly because there’s amazing savings headed our way and you need to be ready!

When Is the sale taking place? The sale will start, Monday, Aug 28th and will end on Wednesday, Aug 30th. Now, that’s not a ton of time but that is a day longer than previous Lilly sales.

Side Note: What to know going in….

 1. ACT FAST. This event is Christmas to Lilly lovers. The website almost always crashes during the sale because all the Lilly lovers are flooding it. There is literally a virtual line….crazy right? So what I’m really saying is DON’T WAIT LAST MINUTE.

2. Be sure you have a Lilly Pulitzer account set up. You can only shop the sale if you have a Lilly account.

3. An item added to your cart DOES not mean it’s yours. Items go FAST. It’s fair game to anyone, until you officially check out.

4. Use multiple devices. Are you waiting in that annoying Virtual Line on you laptop or tablet to access the Lilly site? Pick up your phone real quick, you might have better luck. Just Saying.

5. Know what you are looking for. Do a little pre sale window shopping. Know what you are looking for. Whether it’s dresses, shirts, bottoms, accessories, down to the print you want. Filter your searches, it’s a major time saver.


What’s The Big Hype? What’s the big hype? Well, the big hype is that when does Lilly Pulitzer ever have items on sale??? They’re isn’t even a sale section on their website. It’s huge. Rumor has it, we can expect to see items up to 50% off. A moment of silence please. For that beautiful phrase. 50 PERCENT OFF. LILLY PULITZER. THAT IS ALL.

What Items I hope to see marked down.. fingers crossed

Cabrey Shift Dress

Martinique Long Fridge Hem Sweater

Worth Skinny Jean

Luxletic Midi Pant

Arbelle Off The Shoulder Romper

Printed Popover

Kensington Beaded Top


Talk soon!

Xo, B

End Of The Summer Sales!

Hello again friends. I know it’s been awhile, I honestly say that at the beginning of every post lately… anywhoooo I’m sorry for being so MIA but I have a great post for you guys today!

Once Again summer comes and goes like a blink of an eye, well it’s not over yet but we’re getting there..sadly. But with the end of summer comes SALES. End of Summer Sales!!! So that’s the good in summers end. And today I’m sharing some of my favorite end of summer sale items. Although if I’m being totally honest, some of the items I’m sharing, I purchased at the beginning of summer because couldn’t resist. But now there on sale and you can save on them! (just click to save.)

J. Crew Chino Short

J.Crew Tank Top ($19!! Just saying.)

Topshop Swing Camisole 

Bobeau Stripe Side Tee

J.Crew Bow Top (FAVORITE of mine.)

J.Crew Chambray Tie Waist Top

J.Crew Chino Cherry Short (Another fav of mine!)


Can’t forget shoes!

Sperry Calla Jade Thong Sandal


Tory Burch Flip Flop

Tory Burch Bima 2 Espadrille 

Topshop Waves Espadrille Wedge

Charles by Charles David Miller Platform Sandal

Get to the savings!

Xo, B

Sephora Flash

Hi darlings! Happy Thursday! It’s been an amazing week off from work but to be honest, I’m bored!!! Unofurtunly my boyfriend was not able to take the time off from work with me because he’s basially the new boss man…hair flip! Any whoooo, I’ve had plenty of time this week for myself. Shopping, bubble baths, appointments, etc… But OMG if it’s what thing I can’t stop obsessing over, it’s Sephora Flash Shipping.

LITERALLY AMAZING. I received my online order not even 24 hours after it was placed.

What Sephora Flash Shipping subscription is..

Other than a GOD SEND, Sephora Flash Shipping is a one time payment of $10. That’s right. TEN. DOLLARS. for an entire year subscription on every order you make on the Sephora website with two day shipping…if that. Again, 24 hours over here people. Just saying. 24 HOURS!

What I got..

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation (Punjab-medium)


I LOVE this foundation. My absolute favorite. A little pricey at $47 a pop but totally worth it. It’s concealing. Holds up strong, through heat, sweat, all those bad things that do you and your makeup so wrong. It’s lightweight and blends so well. I swear, I’ve never been more impressed with a foundation before.

My first order and literally why I can see why Sephora flash shipping was invented. My go to, WILL NOT use any other foundation, NARS SHEER GLOW was done. NOT A DROP LEFT. I found myself in a pickle recently. With no time to go to the mall but NEEDED a new foundation because I’ve literally taken a Q tip to apply and get every little spec of what was left of my favorite NARS foundation, until of course last minute me realized I’ve got no specs left.. and that my friends is why Sephora Flash was invented. Because I had my new foundation and three samples not even 24 hours later. Please, a moment of silence for that brilliance.



And don’t forget thats just a ONE time fee of $10 for ONE YEAR. UNLIMITED orders. aaaaaahhhhh!!


Xo, B


Bath Bombing Into Monday!

Hi guys! Happy Monday! Or happy Monday night at this point.. It’s my week off from work so yes, fair to say it was a happy Monday. Oceanside wine, my tan is AMAZZ, a bath bomb…Yupp, not to shabby for B. But in all honesty I woke up this morning and had no idea what the heck to do with myself (boyfriend left for work at 4:45am mind you) and I woke up a lovely four hours later.  Any who, Never DO I EVER have a Monday to myself so my boredom led me to Whole Foods. Purchased the most random things. Including a bath bomb which I’m reviewing for you guys tonight!

Whole Foods Fizzing Bath Bomb (rose petal)

whole foods

Like I said, out of boredom is why I got here. But I’m totally digging these $1.99 bath bombs. I chose rose petal but there’s numerous options… Shea Butter, Milk and Honey, Coconut milk…to name a few.  You may possibly need two bath bombs depending on the size of your bath tub because they are small. NOT THE SIZE OF LUSH by any means, they’re TINY….which is a bummer but work great if you get two!

When I first opened it, THE SMELL is what first got me! It’s SO strong. I got the rose petal one and it literally smells like fairytale.. if that makes sense?! But that’s what I thought of, so hey. I filled my tub up all the way, got in it and then put the bath bomb in. I recommend doing it while you’re already in the tub, the fizzing effect is a la heavennnnn sent.

I realize it is now Tuesday night but TOTALLY forgot to publish lastnight. Oh well!

Xo, B

Nordstrom Sale Update!

Hello again lovies! I’m back not even 24 hours later, do you believe it?! I know. Me neither. But here I am! And here I am, happy to report that the Nordstrom sale early access is now taking place!!! The sale opens to the public in just a few days but if you are a lucky Nordstrom card holder you can now shop the sale!! And clearly that’s all I’ve been doing… Any who, Like I predicted some of my fav brands are on sale! Tory Burch, Rag & Bone, TOMS, Zella..so, soo much good stuff. Here’s a peak of some great deals I’ve already come across, as well as a purchase or two I’ve made so far!

The Deals

Tory Burch Adeline Boot

|Regular Price: $498|N Sale Price $299.90|

Mya Skinny Jean

|Regular Price: $59.90|N Sale Price: $38.90|

Twill Peplum Jacket

|Regular Price: $75.00|N Sale Price: $49.90|

Rag & Bone Lillian Stripe Merino Wool Dress

|Regular Price: $450.00|N Sale Price: $298.90|

Sincerely Jules Side-Lace Sweatshirt

|Regular Price: $119.00|N Sale Price: $79.90|

Two by Vince Camuto Off the Shoulder Plaid Blouse


So I know amazing deals so far am I right?! I’m taking my time and don’t want to rush into it but MY GOD ITS SO HARD NOT TOO. The deals are great! Here’s what I purchased so far..

This off the shoulder top caught my eye as soon as I saw it!! SO ME. SO CUTE.

Treasure & Bond Off the Shoulder Sweater

|Regular Price: $69.00|N Sale Price: $45.90|

So cute!! Right?! I loveeee it! Can’t wait to find more great great buys during the #NSale