The Burt’s And The Bee’s

dMy first blog post! This is harder and more time-consuming than I had thought but I’m excited to publish my first post which is going to entail my skincare regime and reviews of my skin care products.
Before I get into my skin care regime and the products I use I want to start from the begining. Basically my road to better a complexion. I am human I have had my share of battles with troublesome skin, mainly on my face. I do want to point out that I never really struggled with bad acne (I have seen some horrid cases of acne out there) if you don’t include that one time when I hit puberty like the rest of us. Other than that up until a few months ago the main struggles I was experiencing on my face were things like uneven skin tone, dark spots, dark circles, dull looking skin, dry skin and that annoying “time of the month blemish.” If I’m being totally honest, those skin troubles were my own fault. I was not paying much attention to my skin. I did not have a daily skin regime. I obviously would wash my face on a daily basis but it takes much more and A LOT more product than just a cleanser. It takes time, money and effort. Before I started my now awsome Burt’s Bee’s skin care regime I was using Cetaphil brand cleanser. I had been using this cleanser for some time and was not seeing any results. I was starting to get agitated. Cetaphil did nothing but burn my eyes, dry my skin out and it would irritate a blemish or spots on my face even more. My skin was never left with that soft clean feeling after cleansing. Instead it felt rough and dry. I felt stripped of my skin it became so dry. I was fed up and started to dig a little deeper. Why wasn’t this raved about dermatologist recommended cleanser working for me? Well I’ll tell you. Cetaphil contains an ingredient called Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or SLS. I later read that SLS can act as an irritant on the skin and dry skin out. Okay then, did I read that correctly? I was using a product on my already irritated skin that would do nothing but aggravate the skin even more. In my reading I also learned that the ingredient SLS is found in most household cleaning products like detergent, floor cleaner, car soap and bleach. All of those things sound like something I would never want to put on my face or anywhere near it! Cetaphil is a harsh acting cleanser containing only eight ingredients, water, cetyl alcohol, propylene glycol, stearyl alcohol, sls, methylyparaben, propylparaben and butylparaben. Or better translated to HARSH HARSH chemical compound’s. After all this very same compound is found in household cleaning products, which was enough for me to call it quits on Cetaphil. I continued my reading and came across reviews, studies and articles written about Cetaphil and how it can do more harm than good to ones skin. And like myself most consumer reviews I read up on had nothing good to say about Cetaphil and its ingredients. Now I’m not singling Cetaphil out, there are many other brands of facial cleansers and products out there that contain the same ingredient’s that can be doing your skin more harm than good. But none of which you will ever find in my bathroom cabinet. It was time for a change, an all natural change.

Two words. Burt’s Bee’s. Burt’s Bee’s is known for manufacturing their products with natural ingredients. You wont find any of those harsh chemicals in Burt’s Bee’s. Since starting my Burt’s Bee’s skin care regime I have never had a more brighter and flawless complexion. Burt’s Bee’s is gentle on the skin. I became obsessed from the minute I started using it. I couldn’t believe the difference and the results I was getting. Burt’s Bee’s got me addicted to my skin care and maintaining a good complexion. It showed me perfect skin can exist! So do yourself a solid and read on into my skincare regime below and if you’re not happy with your skin and you are not using Burt’s Bee’s I recommend you try today! You will not be sorry. Continue reading