Guilty Pleasure Trips To Target

We all need a little Target in our life. Or if you are like me, one, two, maybe three times a week. I know that’s a lot but what can I say? I live not even 5 minutes from a Target and pass another (with a Starbucks in it) on my way too and from work everyday. It’s serious torture.

I had big plans for Wednesday afternoon after work. Well, not what most would consider big plans. I love Wednesday’s! I’m out of work at 3pm on every Wednesday and only on Wednesdays. I love having the rest of the afternoon to myself and giving myself some good old attention. I love me some me time. It differs each week. This particular day I left work and obviously ventured to Starbucks for my third fix of the day…if I’m being totally honest. I went to clean my car out because I was starting to look like an empty water bottle and plastic coffee cup hoarder and then went home. Went home to be productive and get sh*t done. I had laundry to do, vacuming and I wanted to change the sheets on our bed. Wednesday is also clean sheets night because one actually has the time to do so. I LOVE clean sheets night. But any who, I got everything done. I took a shower, I even got to catch up on some Real Housewives with a glass of wine but it was well deserved as is all wine. Wednesday afternoon wasn’t looking too shabby. I knew I was due for a trip to Target but not a grocery type of Target trip. More of a  “Target Run” as I like to say. What I really mean is just walking up and down the aisles of Target and buying things I don’t need. It’s like I’m looking for a way to spend my money whenever I go to Target. I swear, it’s a serious addiction. But hey, sometimes you just need those mid-week pick me up goodies. I got some good ones this week and am excited to share!

photo (11)

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Dove Dry Spray 

A Favorite go to of mine! Especially now that we are approaching the warm weather months this stuff comes in pretty handy. It would be a perfect world if summer and hot weather meant no work but sadly it’s not and no matter how hot, humid and uncomfortable it is outside the day must go on. If you’re like me and are constantly on the go and in one hundred different places a day then you need this stuff. Life isn’t perfect and it catches up to all of us.We sweat, we are human. But as woman we should never let it catch us off guard. It’s always best to be prepared and nip the problem in the bud before there even is a problem. Hopefully you’re catching my drift. A couple of sprays of this and you are set for the day. It goes on white powder free, dry and smells nothing short of shower fresh and keeps you that way all day. I always keep one handy in my purse when I’m on the go all day. Life Saver.


photo (6)

Burt’s Bees Extra Energizing Citrus & Ginger Body Wash

There are no words for how amazing this Body Wash really is. I absolutely love this product and whole line. It’s great for that morning wake up shower. I love this fragrance in the morning. The energizing part is no joke either, I feel it waking me up, waking my skin up, nourishing it. It’s so invigorating. It leaves my skin soft and natural. Love, love, love.


photo (5)


I also purchased a few misc items. The dollar section on this particular day in Target was on point. It was floral everything! Stationary, mason jars, storage bins and candles. So of course I got a candle. Four ounce candle in a Passion Flower scent for three bucks! Good deal to me. Next of course the new issue Glamour magazine..obviosuly. And finally a Glade plug-in Scent because we all love those, don’t we? In a springtime floral scent of course.


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 photo (9)

Until my next trip to Target

Xoxx B


Obsessed with Poncho Sweaters

I purchased this Poncho Sweater from Express two years ago and I’m still OBSESSED. Its versatile, oversized and comfortable. Everything I love in one! And I must say for being knitted its held up pretty well over the years. Knitted material can be very delicate and must be handwashed. I can’t remember what I exactly paid for it but I do know I got it on sale and didn’t pay no more than sixty dollars. Good deal to me! If only I knew at the time I would grow to love it, I would have gotten it in another color because I havent seen a sweater like it since at Express and its truly one of my favorites. I over wear this sweater so much. I can wear this sweater through all four seasons. My favorite thing to pair it with is leggings. The other night was a perfect spring night to wear this sweater. It was cooler than usual for a spring night with a light breeze. I only wore a tank top underneath it because that’s all there really is room for but thats honestly all you need. Because the sweater is of knitted material its a WARM sweater. I would say it’s too warm for summer but maybe a summer night. It feels as if I am wrapped in a blanket. I can tuck my arms in it when I’m cold.The best part is I’m being stylish, chic and looking well dressed while being COMFORTABLE which is key because who doesn’t love feeling comfortable but but being well dressed at the same time. I love the grey and black print as well. Easy to match with any color bottom!photo (4)

I paired with leggings also from Express. I love this particular pair and material. Very light fit and not high rise. They are the perfect pair of casual leggings and in the perfect color. Blue! Blue because they look like jeans, duh! I pass leggings off as jeans quite a lot in case you havent noticed. photo (3)

Too complete the look, wedges. I’m in the market for a new pair of wedges but I still love these. Also from Express (go figure) I get so many compliments on them. I’m obsessed with the color. I love the nude color. Perfect wedge height, comfortable fit, and stylish. Shoe’s can either make or break an outfit and these shoes very rarely break an outfit. Always a favorite go to of mine. photo (1)

Until my next outfit 

Xoxo B 

Tuesday Morn Essentials

It’s only Tuesday. The worst part is I woke up thinking it was Wednesday. Its rainy and chilly outside and going to be all day. I’m exhausted. All the Starbucks in the world couldn’t save me right now and I’m so NOT washing my hair. Yup, its been decided. Its going to take some product though. My Tuesday morning essentials on this particular rainy and dreary one are Dry Bar Detox Dry Shampoo for Brunettes and Flash by Jimmy Choo Perfume.

Dry Bar Detox Dry Shampoo for Brunettes

The only way I’m going to get away with not washing my hair this morning is with Dry Bar Detox Dry Shampoo For Brunettes. When I bought this dry shampoo I was actually looking for the original Detox Dry Shampoo when this can caught my eye. Why? Brunettes! It’s specially formulated for brunette hair and doesn’t leave any white residue behind. I thought, Perfect! I love the original Dry Bar products and thought this might be good considering the brunette factor. I’ve used a few times after purchasing and hadn’t really seen a problem until I started using it more frequently and became more familiar with this product. I will say, it stands by what it says and doesn’t leave any white residue behind. This product contains added brown pigment to help with the left behind residue but it creates another problem. The added brown pigment for brunette hair after so many continued uses left my hair (mainly roots) sticky and stiff like. It was beginning to get difficult to even get a brush through my hair overtime after continued uses. The stiffness it adds to my hair makes it difficult for styling. Keep in mind this only happens after you use it multiple times on your hair in between washes. With that said I never had any of these problems other than the left over white residue with the original product. I don’t completely dislike this product but will probably purchase the original next time like I had planned on and always have. This product works don’t get me wrong but it works for a one time only type of thing. Meaning, spray on for a last minute dinner out or like I am today, a quick temporary fix to get me through the day until I wash my hair tonight and your hair will look freshly blown out. But don’t be expecting by ANY MEANS to use two or three more times before the next wash. With the original Detox I found I could use multiple times before my next wash. Luckily for me I havent used it since before I washed my hair Sunday night, so I’m good to go for today! But will definitely need to wash it out tonight…and buy the original again.




For Brunette Hair


Flash by Jimmy Choo Perfume

And to top off (I just thought of wine when I typed that btw…Problem!) Jimmy Choo Flash. My boyfriends sister first introduced me to this perfume and five bottles later I would say I’ve been addicted ever since. This perfume smells amazing, sexy and sensual. One spritz and it lasts all day. One of my all time favorites!


May your Tuesday be short and your coffee be strong

Xxo B

Anastasia Beverly Hills 

Okay, so I’m not that big into lipsticks and lip colors like some woman are. But now I feel like I’ve been missing out. There’s a whole other world out there! My problem? I’ve been way too wrapped up in eye shadow colors, face primers, mascara’s and so on. On my lips, I would always just apply a quick gloss after completing my daily makeup regime and call it a day. Until now, I never realized how much a lip color can compliment your makeup or even an outfit! Literally takes your look from zero to one hundred.  It just adds that extra effect. I’ve taken a serious interest lately in different types of lipsticks and lip color shades and had no idea how complicated this stuff can really get. With that said, I knew it was best to start small and simple. Although the boyfriend had made comments to me before about trying out a red lip but maybe in the future I will venture there. He finds it sexy and so do I but I’m just not ready to venture that deep yet. But I do think I could pull off a good red lip but in time… Like I said earlier, I’m starting out simple and small. A naked shade to be exact.

That took me too Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick in the naked shade. I bought from Sephora for $20 which isn’t too bad compared to other prices I have seen shopping around. It was a go from there. I went home, took a shower and did my makeup routine all over again just to try. At first it went on SUPER wet but quickly dried onto my lips matte. The applicator was spongy which made it easy to apply and to apply PRECISELY. One swipe and the color was there! So easy! It instantly took my makeup to the next level. Perfectly pigmented! It was LONG lasting which is key. Perfect for all day wear. I went out to dinner, ate, drank and by the end of the night the color was still there and seemed to have gotten a better shade to it. It started to look natural after time and you can never go wrong with anything taking on a natural color especially your lips. The more natural looking the better is what I believe.

Too conclude would I recommend this brand of lipstick? YES. Would I recommend this shade? Well, maybe. The shade itself is kind of bland…I was looking for more of a pop when applying but I think that depends on the color. It didn’t have that pop effect on me but that could be from the naked shade color I chose. Its supposed to be natural looking so that may mean no crazy pop. Although I did notice a significant difference in my lips rather than just applying a gloss to them. This shade is perfect for everyday casual wear. Great for an on the go quick little added touch. Next time I may venture to a darker color and am excited too! Overall I do recommend this brand but maybe just a different color if you’re looking for that pop!!

Until the next shade

Xoxo B

Pamper Session Essentials.

Pampering myself is something that is very important to me. It’s a sense of calm and relaxation, especially after a stressful day. You will always feel better after a pamper sesh no matter what. Every pamper session is different. They happen multiple times a week for me so I switch it up products wise. Ulta, Lush and Target are my go to stores for all my favorite pampering products. Like I said, every pamper session is different so I’m only going to get into the main products I am using today. They’re some pretty good ones.

Nair Hair Removal


I started with Nair Hair Removal first because it has to wash off in the shower three to five minutes after applying it. I love Nair. It’s effective, easy and long lasting. Its no gimmick. People are always asking me if it burns my legs but truthfully, it does not and never has! Nair does nothing but leave my legs smooth as can be and hair free with no hair in sight for the next two weeks. Not even stuble. (Ew, I hate that word) I havent used a razor on my legs in forever, ain’t nobody got time for that! Really though? Who has time for leg stubble every two days. Certainly not this girl.

HEMPZ Moisturizer


Next I moisturize my entire body. Head to Toe. You know, that after shower type of moisterizing. Not that I don’t moisterize every single day, multiple times a day. I have two main body moisturizers that I use but today we are using HEMPZ. This stuff is gold. I’m currently using the limited edition Juicy Strawberry & Vanilla Sugar scent and my goodness it smells amazing. I can see why this particular one is a limited edition. It leaves a warm vanilla scent lingering on your skin and the smoothness, there are no words! It’s also my first pick for back massage nights with the boyfriend. You can never have too much HEMPZ.

Lush Face Mask


Next we Lush! I’m a Lush ADDICT. Nothing beats their bath products, but that’s for another post. I’m talking about Cosmetic Warrior Face Mask from Lush. This one in particular is my favorite and most used face mask from Lush. It does exactly what it says. It rids your skin of its bad temper phase, and if you are a hormonal female then you know what I am talking about. Its soothing, you just feel it working on and deep in the pores of your skin. Best part is, I never found it to dry my skin out like some face masks do. It leaves skin baby bum soft after rinsing it off. Your face feels so clean and refreshed after! Nothing better than that fresh face feeling!

Vitamin E Cream

download (1)

Next up, a little facial moisturizer for those added benefits. This one in particular is Fruit of The Earth Vitamin E cream. Key factor? VITAMIN E. Now, I don’t use this cream daily. I use it about twice a week. Vitamin E contains basic antioxidant properties that everyone needs and can help keep skin younger. I choose not to use daily although I have before but it just was not working for me. I have read that too much Vitamin E on the skin can act as an irritate and be drying. Which I think was the case for me. But in low doses it works fantastic! Perfect for before bed at night!



And of course to conclude, a little eos! Who doesn’t buy a new one every time they go to Target? They’re addicting.


Until the next pamper session,

Xoxo B

For Those Chilly Spring Nights

Spring can be a challenge to dress for. The boyfriend and I are heading out for dinner tonight when he gets home from work. Ever since spring has sprung I’ve been craving a patio sitting and Sangria drinking and that’s what I’m going to do tonight. Finally! It’s not that warm out but it’s also not completely cool outside. It’s a mix of that light breeze, warm sun, and comfortable temps. But if you’re wearing too much you will get hot and if you’re wearing too little you will get cold and I HATE being cold. I have a solution! Cashmere! My outfit of choice tonight is a oversized cashmere sweater (one of my favorites) purchased from Express. Its light, flowy, comfortable and the best part, stylish! Perfect choice for when you’re not feeling a coat but need a top heavy and warm enough to make do. To go with, I chose wedges because the snow is gone, has been gone and spring is in the air. With that said you can never go wrong with wedges. Wedges always add that extra style to a look, especially a look where leggings are the bottom of choice, but when aren’t they? The best part is, this outfit was effortless to put together. I grabbed it right from the chair in my room so fast once I found out I was going out. I knew it was the perfect choice. This outfit is so simple and comfortable but looks amazing when all said and done! I’m also wearing a Lululemon tank top that I’ve had on all day underneath but who would know? Nobody! And of course no outfit is complete without sunnies.


Time for my Sangria

Xoxo B

A Casual Spring Trench

Spring is one of my favorite seasons. Its like the world comes alive again. The snow melts, the trees begin to grow their leaves back, the smell of fresh mulch, greening grass, I just love it all. The downfall. Spring like every other season in the beginning can be challenging to dress for. What do I mean by that? Well, you wake up in the morning on what is supposed to be a gorgeous, warm spring day but the temps at the moment and for the morning hours are in the thirties. That’s winter coat type of weather to me. Not during Spring though because you know those cold temps won’t stick around all day. So this is where that perfect spring coat comes into play and I’m going to share my favorite.

From Athleta and purchased two years ago and still going strong the Midtown Rain Trench Coat Jacket. This jacket is my GO TO. This jacket is light but not light enough that you freeze on those cold spring mornings, it’s just right. This jacket is comfortable, versatile and protects against wetness and those springtime winds we’ve been having a lot of lately. Athleta advertises this coat as a “rain coat” but I certainly just don’t wear it as a raincoat nor does it look like a rain coat, which I love. I wear it whenever! Based on reviews I have read on this jacket most other woman do too. My favorite design feature about this coat is that its trench style. I swear because it’s a trench that’s what drew me right into. It gives it style. Love, love, love anything trench. Because it is trench style, it makes it easier to wear with any attire or look you are going for rain or shine. I wear this coat with gym clothes, casual clothes, boots, wedges, sneakers and so on. I’ve even worn this quote once or twice as a dressy coat and it still worked with my outfit. The trench style really does make all the difference, it adds a little bit of elegance to any look. Today’s weather, sunny, windy, highs in the fifties. Perfect day for this Coat!



So go and hang up those parka’s until next winter and break out the spring coats.

Xoxo B