Easy Like A Monday Morning

Easy like a Monday morning? Yupp, that’s right, a sentence I thought I would never say on a Monday. Well, except on holiday Monday’s. Happy Memorial Day everyone! I know I’m posting this a day late but blame it on the wifi. I’m feeling grateful this morning for all those who currently serve our country and all of those who have died serving this beautiful country, we wouldn’t be here without those special type of people.

photo (2)

I woke up this morning already exhausted, thank goodness for this day off. It’s a rainy muggy one outside today and to be honest I’m not complaining. Coffee, laptop, magazines, movies with my boyfriend, pajamas, pretty much sums up this day ahead of me. Nothing beats a morning of coffee in bed with nowhere to be that day. I couldn’t be anymore content. I’m wearing and slept in my black babydoll nighty from Victoria Secret. I love VS babydolls for sleeping. There’s nothing more comfortable to sleep in then these silk babydolls. If you don’t own one I suggest you add that to your shopping list for the next trip to the mall, you won’t regret it. And like I said before the sexiness is always an added plus. I’ve also got the June issue of Vogue in bed with me featuring Margot Robbie on the cover. I’m not quite sure who exactly she is, but according to Vogue she is Hollywood’s hottest new star..so we will soon find out. Also featured in this months issue of Vogue, 57 perfect looks for the city, for the beach & beyond. So that’s exciting, I’ve already seen some cute get ups I love when I was skimming through the magazine in line at the store. And of course we can’t forget my big bowl of coffee. It’s not a morning without coffee. I know I said I want this to be a laid back day but I have spring cleaning and organizing that needs my attention at some point today so coffee is essential…obviously.


Happy MD Vets! It’s your day today!

Thank you for your service

Xo, B


About Last Nights Outfit

Good morning and happy Sunday loves! It’s an early one for me today but I wanted to get this post up before I forget. Long weekends are great, but too be honest I feel overwhelmed, we are just so busy. I’m posting from the Cape right now while my boyfriend still sleeps but we are heading home in a few hours for a Memorial Day BBQ with the family. The weekend has been nonstop so sorry if this post is brief but I really wanted to share my outfit from last night.

photo (2)

We’ll start with the shorts. Every summer I say the same thing, “I hate shorts, I hate the way they look on me” but last night I took a different approach. I gave shorts a try and surprisingly I fell in love with my outfit and got a lot of compliments. My shorts were purchased from Express last year. They are the High Waisted Button Fly shorts in black. I also have the same shorts in red and denim. Since I’m not big of shorts I usually only buy one style and that’s high-waisted. High waisted shorts I feel work better for my body. I’m short so sometimes shorts can be a challenge to make work and look good. Sometimes I feel “stubby” in certain short styles which is why I always stick with high-waisted. But any who I guess I forgot how much I love these shorts, the black pair is my favorite and they are flattering on my body….which is most important. I also love the button detail!

photo (3)

Here’s where I got fun when planning my outfit. Temps were in the nineties so I knew I could pretty much where anything from my summer wardrobe which brings me to this shirt. I’m not going to lie, I don’t know the specific name, price, style..etc. But what I do know is that I LOVE this shirt. It’s from Express…obvisouly. I bought it three or four years ago and I can’t believe I’ve been ignoring this beautiful top for so long as it sat in my closet. I’m pretty sure I’ve only worn it a handful of times. But that’s about to change. It’s perfect for a hot summer day or night with just a bralette or tank top underneath. The first word that comes to mind when describing this shirt is “netted” if that makes sense? Basically a shirt with a million intentional holes in it so you can style it with a bralette or tank top underneath. I love the elegance in this shirt. Pictures don’t do it justice but this shirt has a shimmer to it. It can be dressy if paired with the right things. I chose to just wear a pink bralette underneath, also from Express. It went great with the high-waisted black shorts and of course my Tory Burch sandals to complete the look. All and all, I think I did a good job throwing this outfit together last-minute. I wish I had taken a picture of the outfit on but I can tell you this, I will be wearing it again. And if it’s one thing to take away from this post, go THROUGH your closet ladies. If you’re anything like me, there will be shirts or bottoms in there that you had NO IDEA you had, some will probably even have some price tags on them..

photo (7)


Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Xo B


Talking GLAMGLOW & Wine Sippin’

Happy Wednesday loves! I’m talking GlamGlow while wine sipping tonight and its truly theraputic. Yet again a long week but some good things came out of today. I’m also told today is National Drink Wine Day but then again what day isn’t? Wednesday’s are my half days at work so I have the late afternoon and early evening to myself and it’s literally my sanity. Today I took the whole treat yourself thing serious and I’m not sorry about it one bit. My wallet might be but I’m certainly not. But hey, it was well deserved and NEEDED. It’s been a long week and a half to say the least. I still don’t have my car back after the accident and I literally feel lost without it but I’m not even going to get into it. My work schedule has me busy non stop Monday through Friday but it keeps me going and that’s always a good thing but I am especially WORN this week and was in much need of a pick me up…or two, or three..

It started with a manicure/pedicure right from work because when isn’t a mani/pedi the answer? I did a little shopping of course at Express and J Crew but I’m going to stop there because obviously what I bought will be on the blog soon, so no spoilers here. But, what I am talking about now is the GlamGlow face mask I got today at Sephora. This is my first time using Glam Glow and it very well could be my last if you want the absolute truth from me. Or was that too blunt of an opening statement? I mean, I don’t have anything bad to say about it, I just wasn’t blown away by it. At a retail price of sixty-eight dollars for just a tiny little container I was expecting a little more wow factor. But it seemed pretty basic to me. The particular mask I used was the Super-Mud Clearing treatment. It’s a clearing treatment that fights common skin concerns like blemishes because we are all human and all have our bad experiences with blemishes. It went on smooth. Washed off easily. One thing I did notice and liked was, I sort of got a tingling/burning sensation on my cheeks after about five minutes of the mask being on. Post face mask my skin felt soft but very dry and the dryness continued even after moisterzing….which obviously not a fan of and obviously a big red flag. photo (26)

So overall I will probably pass on GlamGlow the next time around and stick to my usual face masks from Lush. But I will say this, give GlamGlow a try, everyone’s skin is different and what works for me may not work for someone else but it is definitely worth the try. But any who …

Happy International Drink Wine Day!

Xo, B

Cape Weekend

Happy Monday! I just poured my first cup of coffee of the day and am recovering from a fab weekend in the Cape. If you follow my blog you know my boyfriend and I spent the weekend in the Cape for a family wedding followed by some much-needed relaxation. The weekend overall exceeded all my expectations and could not have been any better, weather included. I’m so excited to share it all here so let’s get started.

Where We Stayed: Bayside Resort Hotel, West Yarmouth, Ma.

photo (17)

Bayside Resort West Yarmouth, Ma


Places visited: Wychmere Beach Club, Harwich Port, Ma. Lighthouse Beach, Chatham, Ma. Provincetown, Ma.

photo (23)

Cheers to the happy couple at Wychmere Beach Club, Harwich Port, Ma.

photo (15)

Lighthouse Beach, Chatham Ma

We hit the road Friday morning (after my boyfriends cut & shave of course) and hit a little bit of traffic through Boston but nothing too serious or to time consuming. We made excellent timing and we arrived by noon to our hotel where we met up with my parents. The wedding was that same night at 6:15 pm so we had some time to lounge at the beach at the hotel, eat lunch and sip on some drinks. The weather could not of been any better, we completely lucked out and had warm, beach going weather for so early in the season. We enjoyed the hotel beach and some drinks until our room was ready for check in. We eventually headed in and got ready for the wedding. Our room was awesome, but the location not so much. Our room was nestled in between the indoor pool, ice machine and snack machine, so it was a bit noisy at times. But as for the room itself, it was great. We had a deluxe room with a king bed and whirlpool jacuzzi. I did three bath bombs in about 48 hours time and I’m not sorry about it.

photo (22)

Hotel Beach. Boyfriend and Myself.

Next on the itinerary was the wedding. As said in my previous post I would share a picture of my dress soon and here it is. I found and bought this dress on a whim, on sale and at Target, believe it or not. I absolutely loved my dress, it fit the whole spring Cape wedding theme to a T and the color was perfect. It was flowy and all around a unique dress. I’m very happy with my choice after looking over all our pictures from the wedding. The wedding was held at Wychmere Beach Club in Harwich Port and I must say one thing, WEDDING GOALS. The setting was breathtaking. The ceremony was outdoors, sunset, on the grass and overlooked the harbor and beach. Cocktail hour and the reception was held inside. The reception hall was gorgeous. Floor to ceiling windows overlooked the harbor, passing boats and the beach. I was very impressed. The wedding was a great time and the champagne didn’t stop…ovbiously.

photo (12)

Pre wedding shot of us at Wychmere Beach Club

photo (20)

My sister, mom and myself.

photo (21)

Boyfriend, myself, mom & dad pre wedding

photo (13)

Amazing view from our table in the reception hall at Wychmere

The next day, after some sleeping in and recovering of course, my boyfriend and I set out on Cape Cod. Our first stop, Lighthouse Beach in Chatham. I did some research prior to our trip on the top beaches in the Cape and Lighthouse beach kept popping up and it sure DID NOT disappoint. I’ve been going to the Cape since I was a kid and I cannot believe I have never been to this beach! This is the most beauiful beach I have ever been too down the Cape. White sand for miles, clear, blue water and amazing ocean views. This beach exceeded ALL of my expectations and I can’t wait to return soon in the summer. Although, I’m not sure if I’d go in the water. I’m pretty sure this exact beach was on Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” for a number of Great White shark sightings, so no thank you on that.


photo (14)

Lighthouse Beach

We weren’t done yet. From Chatham we then made the journey down to Provincetown aka the tip and lost stop in the Cape or all of Massachusetts for that matter. Provincetown is a little bit of a drive away but it is well worth it. The highway down eventually becomes one lane on each side and your surroundings eventually become sand dunes. It was the coolest drive. Provincetown is a one way in, one way out type of place. This was my boyfriend and I’s first time in P town and we were blown away. We had no idea what to expect or what it was going to be like but it sure was something. It’s one of those you have to see it to believe it type of places. Small, quaint, people in the streets, shops and restaurants all over. Provincetown is a unique place and definitely an experience. I couldn’t get over how packed it was for being so early in the season. Most parking lots were full by the time we made it down but luckily we were able to find a parking spot and experience this ocean town. We walked the streets, saw some interesting little shops and had an oceanfront lunch.

photo (16)

Lunch at The Lobster Pot Provincetown, MA


It was sad to leave. I could have stayed forever but its only the start of the season and I can’t wait for the many more Cape weekends that lie ahead for the summer.

Ps, I think I’m finally converting my boyfriend from “lake life” to “Ocean life” fingers crossed.

Xo, B

Cape Weekend Packing Favorites

It’s only Monday and the coffee in take today is at an all time high, but when isn’t it? It’s a four-day work week for myself and then I am Cape bound! I’m heading down the Cape with my boyfriend for a wedding Friday night and we decided to make a little weekend getaway out of it, so we will be returning on Sunday. But let me get real first, clearly I started this blog post on Monday but here I am on Friday rushing to finish it before we hit the road. I got a little side tracked this week. But one car accident later and a hell of a work week later, I’m finally happy that Friday and the weekend is here.

I’ve been back and forth checking the weather for the weekend but the forecast keeps changing. First,they were predicting sunny and warm temps, then they changed it to rain and my most recent check, it was back to sunshine. Its frustrating and making it difficult for me to pack. If its sunny and above seventy degrees you will find me at the beach or by the pool. Fingers crossed the weather God’s are on my side and give me bathing suit weather because its been too long since I’ve sat by a pool, bikini clad with a drink in my hand. So lets talk about some of my favorite things that will be accompanying me on my trip!photo (1)

First and foremost my bikini. I’m packing this Victoria Secret bikini from last year. Purchased in black because obviously. Pretty much the most basic bikini ever but I love it. Bandeau top because ain’t nobody got time for tan lines. Rain or shine I will be wearing my bikini even if it’s just to the indoor pool but looks like the weather will be on my side so hopefully we can make it to the beach! It’s chic and pairs well with my fedora (above) which I will also be packing.photo (4)

Too complete my bikini, my favorite romper is next. Also from Victoria Secret and purchased last year. This black romper has been one of my best purchases. It comes in so handy in the summer and I almost always wear it when heading to the beach. It’s easy to slip on and off. This one piece black lace romper has been my bathing suit cover up go to. Its perfect and sexy! Also great to keep on if it’s not that warm of a day. Will definitely be wearing to the pool or beach this weekend.photo (10)

And of course no getaway is complete without a little Lush. Bath Bombs, Bath Bombs and more Bath Bombs. My boyfriend booked us in a Deluxe room complete with a whirlpool jacuzzi tub so the Sex Bomb bath bomb from Lush is on deck and ready to be packed. And no, I don’t love this bath bomb because its called “Sex Bomb” it’s just honestly my favorite bath bomb to use, even solo I’ll use it. The smell of it is out of this world and it stays lingering on your skin all day long. And who doesn’t love rose petals floating in their bath. The other bath bomb I’m brining is called “Frozen” I also LOVE this one. The aqua blue color that it turns the bath water is the best part. How lucky am I to have a boyfriend that makes Lush stops for me on his way home from work?! Pretty Lucky!!photo

And finally to wrap up, no packing list isn’t complete without a few beauty products. I’m thinking a face mask for before the wedding for while I’m getting ready. I’m leaning towards the “Don’t Look At Me” face mask from Lush so far. My reasoning behind possibly choosing this one is that it leaves your skin BRIGHT! I have used before and when washed off, your skin is left SOFT, fresh and bright. Perfect for before a wedding to get that glow! And obviously since I have a wedding to attend, all of my makeup will be coming with. Burts Bees BB cream, Better Than Sex Mascara, brow filler pencil and I’m still undecided as to what eye shadow color I will be wearing. And even though I never wear eyeliner, it’s on the list because obviously a wedding requires the most glam of makeup. I hope I’m not forgetting anything!

Now we’re off to the Cape!

Xo, B


Sunday Beauty Buys

This afternoon my boyfriend and I were running some errands and of course ended up at Target. If you havent already realized, I have a serious addiction to Target. But who doesnt? It wasn’t a huge shopping, we didn’t even round the whole store which is unusual for me, especially when at Target. But I was just in need  of three specific things.

I got (for the first time) Matrix Biolage Color Last shampoo and conditioner. I’ve read and heard mixed things about it. I bought this on a whim today but I was in dire need of some good salon shampoo. I find, when I don’t use a regular salon brand shampoo my hair, which is ombre develops a brassy color overtime nearing my next hair appointment. Horrible. Brassy Hair is painful to look at never mind have it. I’m sure hoping this particular shampoo and conditioner can do the job until I can get my hands on some Purology or Redken brand shampoo. Those are my favorites!photo (8)

And to conclude. I was in need of a new bottle of Burts Bees facial cleanser. If you follow my blog then you know my obsession with Burts Bees is not a joke. I can’t stress enough the transformation my skin, skin tone and complexion went through once I started using the Burts Bees line. It’s one of a kind!blog

Have a good week!

Xo, B


Friday Buys

Happy Friday! Its been a long week for me and I needed some serious retail therapy today. I’m glad to report that it was a succesful mission. I had no clue what I wanted or even what I was looking for. I can’t even stress the amount of times I picked up an article of clothing and put it down today. I could not have been anymore indecisive but after getting my head together I decided on some pretty good items from Express and I could not be anymore happier with them. But before we start here’s a peak of some of my buys on today in the dressing room. photo (1).jpeg

First up and my favorite of the day, Skinny Jean Leggings from Express. LOVE these. They are absolutely perfect. Low rise, flattering and in black…obviously. Can’t wait to wear with a cute pair of wedges!

photo (3)

Next up, this awesome shirt from the Express One Eleven Line and retailed as Crossover Hi-Lo Tunic tank. I’m totally in love this shirt! The color, the sweater like feel to it and how flattering it is. It’s versatile and has the potential to fit a lot of outfit looks. I can’t wait to wear with my new leggings!photo (6)

And finally, a Portofino shirt in slim fit. You can never go wrong with these shirts, especially when they’re running fifty percent off. These particular shirts are always a go to for me. I love them for work! And of course, no surprise I got it in blue. If you’ve been following my blog then you know I’ve had something with the color blue lately. photo (5).jpeg

Happy Weekend!

Xo, B