Bare Paradise

I’m starting to really love the Bare Minerals line. It’s easily becoming one of my favorites. Especially these cost-effective sets. Best part is, you get to try multiple products included in each set for a lower price than purchasing each separately. And this one sure did not disappoint. This particular set is called Bare Escentuals Bare Paradise and it contains five awesome secret weapons. The set includes three different bareMinerals eyeshadow colors. Glimpse in coconut palm, a copper glaze. Glimpse in mai tai, a creamsicle shade. Glimpse in paradise, a tangerine shade. A lip gloss and an eyelid primer. All that for an amazing price! Don’t you love this theme!? It’s fun, tropical and I’m obsessed.


These eye shadow colors are absolutely beautiful and versatile. They could not compliment each other anymore! They can easily transition you from day to evening. I have big brown (sometimes hazel) eyes and an olive skin tone and these colors totally POP! This trio of colors blend beautifully and I truly believe that they can work for any eye color, skin tone etc..



The Buxom lip gloss was new to me. I haven’t had much luck with lip plumpers until I came across this lip gloss. Has a sweet smell to it and NO bad taste. It’s long-lasting and cooling. I actually feel a cooling sensation when applying it to my lips. It’s pretty neat and I totally recommend you try, especially if you haven’t had much luck with lip plumpers. This lip gloss leaves your lips nothing short of voluptuous!!



This particular eyelid primer was also new to me at the time of first use. Trust me when I say your lid WILL NOT SMUDGE when using this primer. I find sometimes, mostly when using a trio of colors or when I’m trying to achieve a smokey eye, that the colors tend to all go into the crease of my eye and it ends up looking horrible. But not with this primer! It allows you to effectively use a trio of colors and actually makes it look good and look good ALL DAY LONG. After an eight hour work day, I’ll get home and my eye shadow will look like I just applied it..WIN!  It’s oil free, scent free and dermatologist tested. All pro’s in my book!




Has anyone else tried these products before?

Let me know what you thought!



Details From My Sister’s Bridal Shower

If you regularly follow my blog then you know that this past weekend my sisters bridal shower took place. It truly was a gorgeous day and I wanted to take the time and share some details from it because as made of honor, I obviously played a big roll in the shower details. The decor was mostly up to myself and from the start I knew I wanted a summer/floral theme. I was so excited when I found out that the actual wedding date was set for August because that meant a summer bridal shower!! From a previous post you can see the centerpieces I chose (made) for each table. By the way, my center pieces were a huge hit! I received so many compliments on them from the guests. Not only were my center pieces a hit but the display table was as well! The candy bar was definitely a great decision. Guests loved it! Everything exceeded my expectations on how it was all going to look once it was all said and done. I want to share some pictures with you guys. So here you go..Enjoy!!

But first and foremost, MY OUTFIT.


My dress. Purchased from Francesca’s. Only $38!


Adorable display table and candy bar.




My beautiful sister and her soon to be husband.


Maid of honor and bride to be aka my sister and myself.


Again 😉




Xo, Maid of Honor B 😉

Summer of Lilly

Lilly Pulitzer, a brand I thought I would never fall victim too. Sometimes Lilly Pulitzer can be a bit much. Some of the prints are a little out there and flamboyant for myself but whether I like it or not (not gonna lie, I like it) I’m officially addicted to Lilly. Lilly Pulitzer can be pricey but it is well worth the money. The material, the fit and styles are all up to par. Today I’m going to share some of my new favorite Lilly Pulitzer items I bought for the summer. Oh, and by new items I mean I said I’m new to the world of Lilly so my Lilly supply is not that great…yet. I’m more taking baby steps into Lilly Pulitzer. I mean after all I’m usually an all black wearing type of gal but I’m trying to venture off and not always look like I’m going to a funeral. And black can obviously be hot to wear in the summer. But before I ramble on and run out of time before I actually have to get back to real work let’s take a peek at my things! I have beach bag and a pair of shorts to share with you guys today!


First up are these awesome shorts. The 5″ Calla Shorts in flamingo pink. I LOVE them. The pink color is the perfect color for summer. It’s vibrant and beautiful. I love the fit. They’re not so short that I feel like my but cheeks are hanging out and I can’t wear out to dinner, not too mention my boyfriend hates when I wear shorts that look like they belong on a 6 year old girl lol. But if you have a boyfriend you definitely know what I am talking about. These shorts are just right. They are classy. I purchased them directly from the Lilly site and you can too by clicking the link below the picture. I highly recommend!!

And of course you don’t buy Lilly Pulitzer and not buy a beach bag, am I right!? A key feature I love about this bag is that it BUCKLES. I always have a hard time finding a beach bag that actually has a buckle or zipper. I love the pink interior, the Lilly logo, everything about this bag. And I know what you are thinking. I said earlier I wasn’t big into the Lilly prints but I only meant clothing wise. I love the printed accessories and can’t wait to get more!



What are your favorite Lilly items? I could use some Lilly style inspo in my life!

Xo, B


Bridal Shower Centerpieces

Happy weekend loves! It’s a busy weekend for myself. Tomorrow is my sisters bridal shower and as maid of honor I have my work cut out for me. But I won’t lie, I’m enjoying it! Today I’m talking center pieces for the bridal shower. I knew from the start I wanted to do flower arrangements on each table. But the questions were, what type of flowers? What kind of set up? Colors? And so on.. I wanted to be unique. I didn’t just want to throw flowers in a vase and call it a day. That’s boring. So obviously I took to Pinterest and researched different idea’s for flower arrangements and that’s when I stumbled upon the lemon idea. LOVED IT. Just like that the light bulb went off in my head! That’s all I needed. From there I went with it. I didn’t research step by step or how to make the lemons stay in place in the vase. I just did my own thing with it and not to brag but I think I did a pretty good job. So here’s what I did in just a couple easy steps!

Step 1.img_8205

Arrange the flowers. I first laid out all of the tulips (I purchased 7 bouquets of tulips at Whole Foods) by color. I took seven individual tulips of different colors and made one big arrangment..and so on seven more times, until I had seven different bouquets. The colors I chose were, light pink, pink, red, and a very faint white.

Step 2.


I then filled each vase with water and decorative rocks purchased from Michael’s Craft Store.  Before I get into it, I can’t take all the credit. The vase’s were lined with a light pink fabric that my sister, the beautiful bride to be did. Okay so, I then added the tulip arrangements into the vases. I took my pre sliced lemons and simply dropped four slices in each vase and used a knife to correctly line them up against the glass. The key to making them stay? A TIGHT arrangement. What I mean by a tight arrangement is, have enough tulips to actually make it difficult to add anything into the vase. It was a learning process and as I went on I caught on to different ways to make it work, I quickly learned that the more tulips the better. It was just too easy from there on out! Effortless, and the finished product came out amazing!!!

I also put together three separate mason jar arrangements (pictured below) for the display tables.


I’ve been told I have a green thumb.. 😉


Finished Products

Xo, B

Check In!

Good Morning! It’s been over a week since I made a new post but bare with me, life has been BUSY. I’m in the middle of squaring everything away for my sisters upcoming bridal shower and let’s just say this whole Maid of Honor thing is truly a job but I wouldn’t change it for anything. It was a busy weekend. Between bridal shower planning and shopping for a dress to actually wear to the shower, which in case you’re wondering still hasn’t happened and the shower is less than a week away.. I have a lot on my plate but obviously I didn’t forget about you guys. So I wanted to take the time (which is very limited) at work right now to check in and share what I did over the weekend to let you guys know I’m still alive.

Like I said my weekend was busy with bridal shower things but I luckily did have a fantastic Sunday! Not only was it Father’s Day (shout out to my dad, I love you) but it was a beautiful day for it as well. But before the Father’s day bbq took place, my boyfriend and I set out Sunday and seized the beautiful day. We very rarely have days off together so it was the perfect opportunity to venture out together for the day. I left plans up to my boyfriend. I told him to come up with somewhere/something to do today together and I have to say he NAILED it.

Drum roll, drum roll…Plum Island!! I’ve lived in Massachusetts all my life and have never been to Plum Island until yesterday and boy was I missing out! Like what the heck? How did I not know this beautiful oceanfront escape existed so close to home! It instantly reminded me of being in the Cape and that’s all I needed. Sun, sand, ocean, little shops and breathtaking views for miles. I truly believe that New England summer’s are the most beautiful thing. Between the Cape and Plum island, I am sold. We walked the pier, saw an airplane show that we just happened to be driving by at the same time and ventured out on a scenic ocean front drive with the most amazing views. Only downside? The traffic. But all in all, totally worth it. Plum Island is a great summer escape for the day and I definitely recommend anyone who lives or is visiting Mass to visit Plum Island. I can’t believe it took me 23 years!!


Plum Island


Plum Island

After our day trip to Plum Island, we came home and had a Fathers Day bbq with the fam and relaxed on the deck. Ya know, typical Sunday activities. And of course since we’re talking about typical Sunday activities if you know anything about me that includes, outfit planning and a beauty routine to prepare for the upcoming work week. My products of choice this time around are pictured below.


Face mask, manicure, all of the usual things were taking place. As always, my go to face mask is always going to be from Lush. Lush’s Cosmetic Warrior was my choice last night. Cosmetic Warrior is my favorite. There’s not a face mask out there that gives me the results that this particular face mask does. But always before face masking it’s important to wash your face beforehand. I didn’t wear much makeup yesterday so before applying my mask, I simply wiped down with a Burt’s Bees cleansing cloth. I love anything Burt’s Bees (as if I don’t say that enough) but these moist towelettes are amazing. I swear, I use three a day. I’m OBSESSED. I take them everywhere with me.You’ll always find them in my purse. And lastly, I manicured yet again in Essie “limo-scene” but I absolutely LOVE this color. My latest obsession is a white manicure and no better color for that other than Essie’s “limo-scene”


Essie “limo-scene”

May your coffee be strong and your Monday be short.

Xo, B

Roller Lash

Roller Lash Super Curling & Lifting Mascara by Benefit Cosmetics is what I’m harping on today. I just got it yesterday from Sephora and am still a little skeptical about it. But maybe I just need to give it some time, I mean I’ve only used it once so far. Everything takes getting used to, even a new mascara. As a usual Better Than Sex Mascara regular buyer I was looking for something different. Don’t ask me why, just because. This mascara purchase was crucial. I’m a lover of Better Than Sex Mascara, it’s amazing. The wonders it does for my lashes is unreal. I could go on and on about how much I love Better than Sex mascara. So whichever new mascara I purchased had some pretty high standards to meet. So that brings me to Roller Lash from Sephora.


So far I am pleased with this mascara. Not quite blown away which is a bummer. I was expecting more but I’m almost always expecting more when it comes to anything If I’m being totally honest. It goes on easily, doesn’t clump, doesn’t flake, and lasts long. As far as the lengthening and volumizing aspect of it, I wasn’t completely blown away compared to Better Than Sex. The volume Better Than Sex mascara gives my lashes is way greater than this particular mascara and a lot more flattering. Lengthening, pretty much the same thing. The results were nothing that great or to brag about that I havent already experienced with previous mascara’s. One thing I will say, IT’S LONG LASTING.  


And one of the bests things about Roller Lash mascara I find, is the applicator. I like the applicator A LOT. It’s strong and when done in the right motion does an outstanding job of curling your lashes, like no other mascara applicator I used before. You don’t even need a lash curler when using this mascara!

photo (22)


So I guess the real question is if I would recommend Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash? The answer is, YES. But then there’s this question. Also from Sephora favorites, would I recommend this particular mascara over Better Than Sex Mascara? Absolutely not. Both these mascara’s have their pros and cons but I would have to say the cons out weigh the pro’s when it comes to Roller Lash mascara. Have any of you guys tried this mascara before? What did you think of it?



Xo, B


Romper Season Is Upon Us

Happy Friday! Well, at least for me it’s Friday so the wine glass is in hand and the bottle is near. Tonight I’m talking Rompers. Romper season is officially here! To begin, I was never really into rompers until this season. And boy was I missing out. There’s nothing more comfortable to wear on ninety degree plus days in the hot summers sun than a romper. The only downfall I find in rompers is when you have to pee and have to literally get completely naked but that’s not that big of a deal I guess…it just feels funny lol and I’m sure many of you betches know what I am talking about.

I’m talking one romper at a time though, so I’m starting with this particular romper from Express!

photo (18)

When I first saw this romper in Express, I loved it! Although, surprisingly I didn’t buy it right then and there. I gave it one of those “I’ll come back for it another time” and I sure am glad I went back. Not only because I love the romper itself but the next time I went back it was marked down! WIN. I originally wanted it in black but there were none left in my size. I tried to see if I could get away with a size small in black because (pictured below in dressing room) black is always my first pick.

photo (17)

Turns out I felt like I was swimming in it so I knew I needed an extra small. I decided to go with the berry color and to be honest I am so glad I didn’t get it in black because I love this color and not only do I get compliments on the romper itself but the color as well. It’s a flattering color and a color that makes you look tan which is always good of course. It’s effortless, lightweight, insanely comfortable but yet still dressy. It can honestly be dressed down for a casual day, a beach day or dressed up for a dinner date. So versatile! Pairs great with any shoe, wedges, heels, flats, it all works! I highly recommend this romper from Express and will probably be buying this romper in the two other colors it comes in that’s how much I love it! Below are some random pictures of the romper on and a link to the romper on the Express website. Hurry, hurry it’s still marked down!

Link to purchase romper

photo (16)  photo (15)







photo (20) photo (21)



Xo, B