Weekend Denim

Happy Sunday! In today’s post I’m briefly recapping my weekend and my weekend style of course. My boyfriend and I went on a mini getaway to the beach…York Beach Maine. I’m still weekend’ing like It’s summer as you can tell from my pictures but I’m not sorry about it..I’m just not ready for fall things. So scroll down for pictures and outfit details from this past weekend! Enjoy!

Outfit Details



Xo, B


My Fav Makeup Products Lately

Happy Wednesday friends! Oh Wednesday you are my favorite day of the week (well work week) half day at work and that means ME TIME. I love my me team especially because it gives me a chance to catch up on the blog. So I’ve got my wine beside me (obvs) and tonight I’m talking makeup.

Okay, so lately or at least for the past couple of weeks I have been sticking to using the same makeup products like EVERYDAY. Now, I will say that’s usually not like me…I like to change it up. But I’ve become so obsessed and satisfied with the certain makeup products I’ve been using lately, that that’s ALL I’VE BEEN USING LATELY. So time for the deets!!

Better Than Sex Two Faced Mascara


First up and one of the best EVER mascara’s I’ve used is Better Than Sex Two Faced Mascara. I love, love, love this mascara. The brush is my favorite of all mascara’s I’ve ever used, like seriously EVER. It goes on so easily, it’s like one swish to my lashes and all of a sudden VOLUME, LENGTH, INTENSITY, it’s all there.

Kylie Cosmetics (Candy K Lipstick)

Now, if you keep up with my blog you know I was very skeptical about this lipstick at first but now I AM IN LOVE. Candy K is the color of choice right now and I use it everyday. Even on days I don’t wear a smidge of makeup on my face, I’m still wearing this lipstick. Again, one swish/layer across the lips is all it takes to reach perfection. It last’s ALL DAY. I never have to reapply (even after eating or drinking) WIN, WIN.

Burt’s Bee’s BB Cream


Best BB Cream by far I have ever used…and I’m not just saying that because I have an obsession with anything Burt’s Bee’s. It really is. It’s healthy and gentle on the skin, great coverage for those troublesome times of the month and long lasting. One application in the morning gets me through the entire day! No stickiness, no unwanted shine, just nothing but a smooth natural looking skin tone. I’m not one for wearing a lot of face makeup and this is the perfect BB cream for a just a little something extra your skin may need.

Happy Wine Wednesday!

Xo, B


Impulse Buys

Happy Saturday friends! It’s 2pm and my errands/everything I had to do today is DONE. My boyfriend is working so it’s just me, my Starbucks, my laptop and of course my dog Molly on my lap:) I’m so glad I found the time for this post today because it’s a good one!

IMPULSE BUYS. If you’re anything like me it happens. Ya know those things you buy that you don’t always need but you just HAVE TO HAVE and can’t walk away from…Yep, that was my problem yesterday. But if I’m being totally honest about it I’M SO NOT SORRY about this impulse buy.

Heritage Whale Tail Cosmetic Case From Vineyard Vines


Heritage Whale Tail Cosmetic from Vineyard Vines was what I just couldn’t say no to yesterday. I have perfectly, good and in great shape cosmetic case at home from Victoria’s Secret but IMPULSE and lack of self-control (especially when I’m shopping alone) I found myself with a new seventy eight dollar cosmetic case. But like I said before I’m really not sorry about it because she’s a beauty and I’m OBSESSED. I mean look at it!!


Have a fun filled Saturday!

Xo, B

New Balance For J.Crew

Good Morning readers and happy Friday!! Just another crazy week down in the books. I’m especially excited for this weekend because my boyfriend & I are going to the Patriots home opener game this Sunday! I’m SO pumped!! I’ve never been to a Patriots game! But any who it’s a short post this morning but I wanted to briefly share with you guys my new kicks because OBSESSED. They are New Balance for J.Crew 696 sneakers. A style in which I never thought I would go for but I’m absolutely in love with them! So let’s get to the details..


Aren’t they beautiful!?!?!?!! I KNOW. Purchased at J.crew for $85 in the colors blue, yellow and red. This is my first pair of New Balance’s. I’m usually a Nike wearing kind of girl but I was doing some online shopping for a new pair of sneakers and these ones unexpectedly caught my eye. I never thought I would find sneakers at J.Crew but clearly I was wrong. They’re so different from what I usually wear. And in my opinion, they are the only fashionably acceptable sneakers to pair with a pair of skinny jeans..Well that’s if you have a good sense of style knowledge;) I can already think of hundreds of places I can wear them. I love the colors, the fabric, they are lightweight and of course fashionable. I cannot wait to pair with a pair of skinnies and run some errands today! Have an amazing Friday everyone!!

Xo, B

A Beauty Tip

A beauty tip, that’s exactly what I have for you guys today. A small beauty tip about the importance of moisterzing your face. This all came to me the other night as I was believe it or not moisterizing my boyfriends face because he never does and I’m pretty sure that was the first time his face has ever been moisturized. Well, what started as a joke really led me into deep thought. Before I knew it I was going on and on to my boyfriend about the importance of moisturizing your face on a daily basis…too be honest he wasn’t that interested but I still rambled on and did some research and now I’m here with it. So basically now going to ramble on to you guys.

Neutrogena Clear Face (break-out free) Liquid Lotion Sunscreen 


Currently my first choice daily moisterizer pick. I first purchased this sunscreen for obvious reasons. I was heading down the Cape for a weekend and needed sunscreen for my face..duh. But what I didn’t know at the time was that this was SO MUCH more than just a sunscreen. I am now using this sunscreen as a daily moisturizer every single day and my skin has responded well. I mainly use it at night..by morning my skin is soft, smooth and radiant! This sunscreen can act as a lightweight moisterizer..less is more or at least when it comes to my skin. Also, because I’m me..I google and research EVERYTHING. I have found out in my research that sunscreen is a great defense mechanism when it comes to aging. It’s been confirmed and tested that regular sunscreen application protects against photoaging: the wrinkling, spotting and loss of elasticity caused by exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation..so WIN, WIN. Just a small beauty tip for ya guys 😉

Check back soon for more beauty tips!

Xo, B

Today’s OOTD Details

Happy Friday and happy Labor Day Weekend! Nothing like a long weekend and it’s an extra long weekend for myself because I had today off also! It’s the first real day I’ve had to myself since being home from my sister’s wedding (blog post to come soon) and it was nothing short of an errand day. Today’s outfit was simple, effortless and comfortable but more importantly were the ACCESSORIES that made this outfit whole.


I paired my Lululemon denim print leggings with a plain white loose fitting tank from Victoria Secret. Simple, I know.. but undoubtedly the most easiest outfit to accessorize. There’s a million different ways you could go with this outfit when it comes down to accessories. Because I’m me, I went with all gold jewelry. Jewelry is my favorite accessory to accessorize with. I’m literally a jewelry whore. My favorite is bracelets, TONS of bracelets. It can literally take your look from zero to one hundred. The jewelry pictured below is all from Charming Charlie and every piece was under ten dollars!


Next on today’s accessory list, the scarf. This cashmere Burberry scarf is one of my favorites but I find myself not wearing it as much as I would like. Today’s outfit was screaming to be paired with this scarf because of the simple colors I was already wearing. Once  I threw on the scarf it completely transformed my whole look. It just gave it that pop!


And of course to finish the look you need shoes. Shoe’s can make or break an outfit. Today I went with this pair of Tory Burch Espadrilles flats and I don’t think I could have made a better shoe selection.



Happy Friday!!

Xo, B