PSA: Tory Burch Miller Sandal Sale!

Attention all Tory Burch lovers! Select colors and sizes in your favorite Tory Burch Miller Sandal are now on sale at Saks! Marked down from the original $195  to $136.50..Thats’s a deal! But hurry, hurry..there’s limited size selections left and colors. Deets & link below!

You’re welcome !
Xo, B


Drug Store Haul

This weeks drug store haul is whats on the blog today. I got some pretty neat goodies and of course you know I mean cosmetics. It was one of those I went in for one thing and left with ten things kind of day but I’m not sorry. I got a face mask, false eye lashes, a magazine, lip balm, eye shadow and cream. So yeah, all good things. So let’s see what I got!! img_3535

Burt’s Bees Acne Solutions Spot Treatment Cream


We’ll start with what I originally went in for and that’s this Burt’s Bees Acne Solutions Spot Treatment Cream. Pretty sure I’ve posted about this cream before so I’ll make this brief. There’s a reason why I was going to the store for another tube of this spot treatment cream…It works AMAZING. It reduces the appearance of those unwanted blemishes, redness and treating it and treating it FAST, all at the exact same time. This product like its name is truly a solution for those unwanted spots that we all get and if you don’t get them you are not human.

Keep Your Cool Gel Face Mask


I love, love, love face masks. Everything about them. They’re relaxing, calming, soothing and great for your skin. I usually purchase my face masks from Lush but this time around I decided to venture off and try something new..which brings me to this Gel Face Mask and I LOVE IT. The cooling sensation is instant as soon as you apply it to your face. You can feel it working and calming your skin. You can choose to sleep with it or wash it off after 15 minutes. I chose to sleep with it and I woke up the next morning and my skin was BEYOND smooth. It targets any unwanted flare ups your skin is having and prevents new ones from forming.

Looks So Natural False Eye Lashes


Looks so natural is right. I find myself going through phases of wearing false eye lashes and then back to just regular mascara on my own lashes. Obviously I’m in my false lash phase because every now and then we all need a little glam and they’re just fun! This particular set is one of the good ones. They don’t look stiff, they don’t look plastic and most importantly they don’t look fake. They have a natural wispy look to them and you don’t even need to apply mascara over them. I’m always open to trying new lashes but as far as the adhesive goes, I will only ever use glue from Sephora. It could be just me but I just have better luck with a higher quality glue rather than a cheap drug store one…those tend to be messy and incredibly burning if you get it into your eyes…trust me, been there.

Maybelline Eye Shadow (nude glow)

This eye shadow is pretty good but it’s typically what you’d expect from Maybelline. The color is nude glow, which is a great color..really into the nudes lately. SO NOT made for all day wear but like I said it gets the job done, the color is pretty, it’s everything you would expect and nothing more 😉


Happy Fridyay!

Xo, B

Outfit Details

Happy Friday friends! Today I’m sharing the details from yesterday’s outfit of the day. It was a good one! Fall is my absolute favorite season to dress for. Leggings, oversized sweaters, boots..all good things. This effort was seriously effortlessly cute. Leggings, a simple tank, a big sweater and of course boots. I put it together in less than five minutes and was beyond satisfied and got tons of compliments. So let’s get to the deets!


| Hunter Boots Refined Wedge $205 | Express Sexy Stretch Legging $17.90 | Express One Eleven V-Neck Tank $29.90 | Marshalls oversized sweater $26.99 |

A Closer Look ..

Effortlessly fab!

Have A Wonderful Weekend!

Xo, B

New Things From The Weekend

Happy Sunday! Today’s post is brief but I’m sharing a couple new things I got over the weekend that I’m super excited about! One being a new lipstick and the other a new planner!! Sounds fun, right!?

Laura Mercier Lipstick (rosewood)


This lip color is PERFECT. I bought it Friday at Sephora for $28, which is usually more than I like to spend on a lipstick but it was worth it. This color is gorgeous, dark and sexy. It’s a little darker than I usually wear. I wouldn’t necessarily wear it as an everyday color to work but it’s the perfect color for a night out. I wore it this past Friday (pictures below) to my boyfriends sisters birthday party and got so many compliments on it. It’s the most perfect dark shade for a night out. As for the brush…well in my opinion that’s the downfall. You seriously need to be a lipstick applicator master to neatly and precisely apply this lipstick with this particular brush. I had a few mistakes when I first used it. It’s not as durable and strong of an applicator compared to other lipsticks I have used…there is room for error. I was a bit surprised in Laura Mercier regarding the brush but other than that the color is one of my favorites!

Lilly Pulitzer Planner


This was my first planner/agenda purchase EVER (I’m growing up) and what better than a Lilly Pulitzer one obviously…for $18. It’s honestly the cutest and it’s adulting made fun. It comes with fun stickers, signature Lilly colors/patterns, and cute sayings…all good signature Lilly things! Take a look below!


Have a wonderful, caffeinated filled week!

Xo, B


Wedge Hunter Boots

Happy Wednesday friends! A happy Wednesday indeed it sure has been thanks to some much needed retail therapy. It’s been a long week work wise and it’s only Wednesday and I needed a little motivation to get me through the rest of the week and by motivation you know I mean shopping. And I shopped for no other than Hunter Boots that have been on my mind since the first day of fall. Pictured below are the beautiful refined original Mid Wedge Hunter Boots in black and they’re all mine and exactly what I was looking for. So let’s get to the deets!


The Details

Style: W ORG Refined Mid Wedge Tall (black)

Purchased at: Nordstrom 

Price: $205


I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. the wedge Hunter Boots!! I was originally caught between purchasing another pair of basic wellies in just a different from what I already have but then I saw these beauties and just couldn’t resist. Yes, they are slightly more expensive than the original wellies but SO. WORTH. IT. The wedge detail gives these basic rubber boots an extra boost! They’re fashionable on a whole other level than your basic flat wellies! I’m obsessed.

Xo, B



Spring/Summer Shoe Wrap Up

A spring, summer, fall shoe wrap up (literally) is what I’m bringing to you guys today. It’s that time of year where it’s time to wrap up my favorite warm weather shoes and keep them well preserved until next year. It’s depressing to do because the thought of wearing boots for next several months is sad. If you know me I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE taking snaps of my shoes. I have A SHOE OBSESSION..almost as bad as Carrie Bradshaw. I’m addicted and a sucker for nice shoes so I thought I’d share a few of my favorite warm weather shoes with you guys because we won’t be seeing much of them real soon..sadly. 😦


Tory Burch Miller Sandal

Obviously starting with my favorite are my Tory Burch Miller Sandals. I first spotted this awesome navy blue color at Nordstrom and purchased them that very same day. It was one of those “I couldn’t walk away from” purchases and I DON’T regret it by any means. These sandals are a style staple. I wish I had a pair in every color but maybe I’ll get there one day..They’re SO comfortable, more comfortable than I thought. You could be walking in them all day and your feet won’t hurt. Like most TB shoe’s they are incredibly durable, so that’s how I justify the price. Ugh, I’m gonna miss them all winter and maybe next season I will get another color and add to the collection…just don’t tell my boyfriend 😉


TOMS. Oh how I LOVE TOMS. They are my go to shoe. Too many pairs to picture if I’m being totally honest. They’re my favorite shoe to throw on for running errands…I can’t say enough good things about them. At roughly forty, fifty dollars a pair you can’t go wrong. They are the most comfortable shoes I own and they’re always coming out with different colors and styles. They defiantly age faster than my Tory’s but like I said before they only run you about forty to fifty dollars a pair, so you can always buy a new pair. The variety of colors makes it so easy to style with all my outfits.  I definitely have a good collection of TOMS going for me but one can never have too many pairs of TOMS.

Tory Burch ‘Lonnie’ Espadrille Flat

Again talking Tory Burch. I’m probably going to name my first born Tory Burch. And again, when I first saw these they were at Nordstrom and I purchased them that very same day. But here’s the best part…they were in the clearance section!! I have good news and bad news when it comes to these shoes…THEY NEED TO BE BROKEN IN and I learned the hard way. I wore them for the first time on a ferry to Nantucket..big mistake. There was a lot of walking, travel and lugging of bags involved in my day. I had them on for almost an entire day and by the end of it I felt like my feet were ready to fall off. But here’s the good news…once broken in, they are SO COMFORTABLE and obviously stylish. I get compliments on them all the time! They really are the cutest shoes. I panicked at first and thought I wasted over two hundred dollars on a pair of shoes I would only wear once but once broken in after a couple of wears these shoe’s are the best!!

VS Ankle Strap Sandal

I adore these ankle strap sandals from Victoria Secret. Because I’m me, I of course forget about certain things I own and these sandals were one of them. I didn’t end up finding them in my closet until September (if that says anything at all about my closet organization) and it bummed me out because they are super cute. The ankle strap is my favorite feature. I purchased them online a year or two ago so I can’t remember what I exactly paid for them but I know it was no more than fifty dollars, which I think is reasonable. I’m just sad I didn’t get to wear them more this past summer.


Welp, there ya have it. A wrap up of some of my favorite warm weather shoes.

Xo, B


Monday Makeup Talk

Happy Monday friends! The weekends are definitly not long enough and I am exhausted. But thank god for Starbucks. Today on the blog I have some makeup products both new and old to share with you guys.

Well Rested Powder by Bare Minerals 


I love this product for many reasons. It’s quick and easy to apply and I only have to apply ONCE a day which is amazing, because I don’t have the time during my day to keep fixing my makeup. It provides great coverage and instant results. It looks nothing but natural looking and gives my under eye area that brightness it needs and more. We are all human and all fall behind on our sleep but what this product it will never show under your eyes!!

Laura Mercier Eye Basics (wheat)


Okay, so first off I have to tell you guys before I get you all excited to go buy this product because it’s AMAZING, the specific color I am talking about is no longer available…Why? I don’t know because from what I have read most agree that this is their favorite color from the line. Any who I LOVE THIS. It can be used as an eye primer or color. Lately I’ve been going light on my eye makeup so I use it as an eye shadow and it does everything I want it to do. It gives me that perfect everyday, natural looking look with a little shine to make my eyes pop. Lasts all day and comes off easily.

MAC 129sf


So this brush was a gift. It’s SO soft and perfect for conturing. The one down fall I have to admit too, is that it leaves behind some small fibers on my face once I’m finished using it..nothing to serious but I’ve had better luck with a three dollar brush from Target if I’m being totally honest.


Xo, B