Deals You Need To Know About!

Happy Friday darlings! Today was a good day. I took a personal day today. I did some errands, went to Target, bought things I really didn’t need and got a pedicure. Solid day. If only every Friday could be like this. Anyways, I’m sipping on some champs and online shopping of course while patiently waiting on my boyfriend to get home and in my tracks I’ve come along some AMAZZZ deals I just have to share with you guys that I just couldn’t say no too! Check em out!

Ariella Luxe Diamond Genuine Shearling Ugg Boot

  • Nordstrom
  • Regular Price: $229.95
  • Sale Price: $154.06

Kate Spade New York iPhone 6&6s Wallet & Case

  • Nordstrom
  • Regular Price: $158.00
  • Sale Price: $98.80

J.Crew Point Sur Hightower Skinny In Drifter Wash


  • J.Crew
  • Regular Price: $198.00
  • Sale Price: $101.99

Satin & Lace Cami & Short Set

  • Victoria’s Secret
  • Regular Price: $52.00
  • Sale Price: $29.99


Happy Friday!!

Xo, B


Early Mornings & Long Lashes

Good morning loves! I really should say good early morning because I’m up extra early this morning. I decided to wake up when my boyfriends alarm went off instead of my alarm which is usually an hour later but here I am at 6am, coffee sipping and wrapping up this post I started last night. Today I’m talking mascara. A new mascara to me and a great one.

Completely bought this mascara on a whim, but I’m so glad I did. If you regularly follow my blog than you know I’ve been obsessing over all things Too Faced cosmetics lately. Just everything I’ve been buying/trying from Too Faced lately has been more than pleasing and lives up to it’s name. There lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, foundations/blush are all amazing, seriously not one bad thing to say. But today I’m talking Too Faced Mascara.

Too Faced Queen Size Mascara

Okay, so here it is. Too Faced Size Queen Mascara. And boy, they were not kidding about size queen…The application brush is HUGE, I couldn’t get over it. Look at this! It’s brilliant, genius, a gift from god!

Honestly I can’t say enough good things about this mascara. As a regular user of Too Faced Better Than Sex, Dior and Roller Lash by Benefit Cosmetics, I’d have to say Size Queen has become my new everyday go to mascara! It’s TRANSFORMING and DOES. NOT. CLUMP. I swear, every mascara I use clumps, and tends to way my lashes down..but not this one! It’s like you couldn’t make this mascara clump if you tried too. It volumizes and lengthens in just a few strokes. Everytime I go to use this mascara I’m still taken back by the size of the brush. I will say this though, if your lashes are on the shorter side (mine are NOT) I don’t recommend this mascara. The brush may be too big for your lashes. Trust me, pictures don’t do it justice.


May your coffee be strong and your lashes long!

Have a Happy Thursday! Xo, B




Patagonia Los Gatos Vest

Happy Wednesday pretties! I don’t know about you guys, but this week has dragged and it feels like it should have been Friday like three days ago. But anywho we’re almost there!!  And there’s new things on the blog today! Today I am talking new Patagonia because there’s nothing like new, warm, fuzzy Patagonia! Here are the deets!

Patagonia Los Gatos Fleece Vest


I had been eyeing this vest for a while, the purchase was bound to happen and I’m so glad it did! I’m obsessed with this vest. I completely underestimated just how often I can wear it and what I can pair it with. Which is pretty much everything! It’s fuzzy, soft, warm and stylish! I can’t get enough. I purchased it directly from the Patagonia website for $99 and in the color drifter grey.

As far as the sizing goes, if you are caught between two sizes, order the larger of the two. Which is somewhat of a trend I’ve noticed with Patagonia apparel.

  • Here are some shirts I’ve already paired it with. I’ve worn it casually and to work over a dressier shirt and still looks great! 

    Xo, B

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

Hi lovelies! It’s almost Friday! This week has been one of those nonstop weeks, but then again which week isn’t? Am I right? Tonight on the blog I’m sharing my thoughts on a concealer that has become my best friend. Especially during a week like this one. So because I’m tired enough I’m going to dive right in. Leggoo..

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

I can’t say it enough, I love, love, LOVE this concealer. It is my absolute favorite and only concealer I swear by and use. I’ve consistently repurchased this concealer. Dark circles is definitely something I can say I struggle with and that’s why this stuff is my best friend. It combines flawlessly to my skin tone. Blends well and BRIGHTENS my under eye area without leaving any unwanted creases. It’s not oily, the coverage is there. It gets the job done. NARS has so many differnt shades to find the perfect match for your skin tone! The color I get to match with my skin tone is Cannelle.

Gn! Xo, B


Mani’s and Face Masks

Hi lovelies! Happy Wednesday!! Another Wednesday, another mani and another trip to Sephora…obviously. But not for makeup this time. Well, I did buy makeup but I really didn’t need it but that’s just my life and you guys know it. Today on the blog I am talking about a face mask I purchased today. My skin is being moody this week and I just can’t deal which leads me to this..

ORIGINS Original Skin Retexturizing mask with Rose Clay


Mani Color: Suzi Nails New Orleans

Okay, so I don’t want to get too ahead of myself considering I’ve only tried this mask once but OMG. I am in loveeee. This mask is everything you need. It goes on easily, simply rub it in with your fingertips in circular motions and you can instantly feel it working. It tingles at first then dries down into a soft clay. You know it’s ready to be washed off once your face begins to feel tight, so much so that if you were to smile, you’d feel like you’re cracking your skin open…if you’re a regular face masker then you know the feeling.

Here’s the best part, which should seriously be put in bold lettering on the cover of the bottle. When you go to wash the face mask off, it turns into an exfoliant. YES, that’s right! It is difficult to wash off and time consuming but you can never put a time limit on beauty.  I washed it off, as directed with warm water and just my fingertips in a circular motion. And that’s when the magic happens. From there it turns into a deep exfoliating cleanser and you can actually feel the little beads rubbing against your skin, as you would in just a regular exfoliator. It’s seriously so amazing and I’ve only used it once. My skin is so soft and refreshed right now. Oh, and don’t forget to moisturize 😉

Xo, B

A Little Black Dress Never Fails

Hi dolls! On the blog today I am talking details from the outfit I wore to my boyfriends company holiday party this past weekend…so already you know the pressure was on to look good. But pat on the back to myself because I definitely succeeded and so much more.  All I can say is three words, LITTLE BLACK DRESS. So let’s get to the deets! Oh, and how handsome does my guy look too? 😉


I wore this little black dress from Express. Unfortunately, I don’t believe this dress is available any longer at Express because I searched everywhere online to find the dress and link to share with you guys but NO LUCK WHAT SO EVER. So annoying and so weird to me that it would already be no longer available considering I bought it only weeks ago.But anywho here is the best shot I have close up..


These booties were great! Great price, chic, stylish. I got countless compliments on them all night! So versatile, I can wear them to work, with jeans, anything! So glad I stumbled upon on these gems! Take’s skill, It takes skill. 😉

And of course because it was 20 degrees and snowing outside, I clearly wore a pair of tights. I mean, if you don’t wear tights in 20 degree, snowy weather then you just a hoe. I loved my tights. They were sexy, BUT classy and obviously that is key. They were lace with a floral pattern. Pictures don’t do these tights justice, trust me.


Have an awesome day! And thanks for reading!

Xo, B


BirchBox Delivery!

Hi beauties! Today on the blog I am talking BirchBox again! I was surprised with another Birchbox delivery the other night. I couldn’t wait to share the deets with you guys because I am obsessed with this one. Not only is the box cover absolutely adorable but all the products that came with are amazzz. I had a little pamper sesh last night and tried them all and I am beyond satisfied with them all. So let’s dive on in!


Number 4 L’eau de Mare Hydrating Shampoo/Conditioner

So based on the picture you can obviously tell I’ve already used this shampoo & conditioner and I’m so glad I did. I may also be switching to this shampoo & conditioner permanently, that’s how impressed I am with it! Since using this shampoo & conditioner last night I’ve already noticed some changes compared to my regular Biolage shampoo. First and foremost, this shampoo & conditioner keep frizz UNDER CONTROL. I can have problems with my hair frizzing but I have yet to have that problem since trying these products. It’s hydrating and packed with so many natural ingredients that are not harmful to your hair.

Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle 

I sprayed this stuff in my hair last night after I washed it and OMG. It smells amazing and instantly, instantly detangles your hair. Not only does it detangle your hair, but once your hair is dry you will not get over how soft and silky your hair is!! I would recommend it to anyone. So like the name says “Protect & Detangle” it also PROTECTS. Locks in color, protects from heat damage (which is MAJOR for me) and adds and extra silkiness and shine once your hair is dry.

Vasanti BrightenUp Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator

Nothing beats a good exfoliator. Nothing feels better on your skin than an exfoliant and this product has seriously changed my life in a matter of five minutes. It goes on smoothly (I reccomend in a circular motion) and you can feel it just digging deep into your pores and cleansing. Once done your face feels incredibly soft, smooth and flawless. It almost feels like a sand scrub rubbing into your face..idk if that s how to explain it..It’s unexplainable until you try! I found this product on amazon for $34.

wilmaSCHUMANN European Skin Care Hydrating Collagen Eye Pads

So yet, another great product to go along with last nights pamper session a la BirchBox are these Collagen Eye Pads. When I saw these Collagen Eye Pads in the box, I was instantly drawn to them. I normally, don’t know what it is can suffer from puffy eyes on a daily basis…not to mention I have a cold going on right now so it’s obviously worse. The application is SOOO easy, the pads stay right in place under your eyes without peeling or falling off. Directions advise to leave on for 20 minutes and for those 20 minutes it feels amazingggg. Calming, cooling, literally feels like its waking you up. Once I removed them, I instantly noticed a difference, no puffiness, no redness just BRIGHTER!!

Xo, B