Spring Wishlist

Hi darlings and happy wine Wednesday! I hope you all enjoy a nice glass (maybe 4) of wine today like I am now. I’m also currently shopping online for some spring things I just can’t see myself without this season. The weather has been in the fifties all week and it’s going to be in the sixties tomorrow and Saturday, which I will be in the Cape for!!! But any who all this spring like weather has really got me in the mood for all things spring fashion. I’ve already got a list going of some must haves for spring and today I’m sharing it with you guys!

Lilly Pulitzer Worth Skinny Jean Sateen (midnight navy)

J.Crew Seville Metallic Espadrille Wedges

J.Crew Striped Long Sleeve Off The Shoulder Top (navy/white)

Nordstrom Bobeau Cold Shoulder Print Sweatshirt

Nordstrom Calson Convertible Off The Shoulder Pullover

TOMS Fuchsia Canvas Classics

Sperry Crest Ebb Sneaker

Nordstrom Felicity & Coco Crepe Shift Dress (cobalt)

Express Crochet Yoke Mock Neck Tank


Some good stuff..am I right!?!?

Xo, B


XOXO Birchbox

Happy weekend loves! Today on the blog I’m sharing what came in this months Birchbox. That just so happen to arrive on Valentines Day which I thought was super cute and a great idea on Birchbox’s end. So here’s the first look and a little love letter from Birchbox..

Another great box of samples arrived that I’m excited to try because it’s everything that interests me. Before I sent away for my first box, I personalized my online profile on Birchbox.com, which I highly recommend doing if you are a Birchbox subscriber. This way you’ll get product samples of everything you love and use on a daily basis. So here’s what came in February’s Birchbox!!

Real Chemistry Luminous 3 Minute Peel

When I first opened the box, this was the first product to catch my eye. Obviously. Because I LOVE and I’m sure you guys already know the love I have for anything pertaining to skin. Face Masks, Peels, Exfoliators, toners, etc..So I was super pumped to see this. This product works wonders and is so easy and convenient to use. It’s not a mask but more reminds me of an exfoliator. I was blown away when I tried it for the first time. I love skin products that you can actually FEEL WORKING and that is the exact experience I had with this. I applied it to my face, neck and chest as directed (I recommend doing it in the shower) and rubbed it in for a solid 3 minutes but more like a minute in and a half if I’m being totally honest. From there I felt in cleansing and wiping away any dead skin that you think you don’t have but you really do, trust me. My skin from my face, neck, and chest felt hydrated, smooth and extra, extra clean and radiant. So clean and radiant that you don’t ever want to put makeup on your face again. Defiantly will be buying a full bottle of this.

amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo

This was another product I was excited to see of course because I am OBSESSED with dry shampoo. I would be lost without dry shampoo. I only wash my hair twice a week so clearly dry shampoo is a super important product to me. I’m a religious user of Detox Dry Shampoo and if I had to compare the two, I wouldn’t put one in front of the other. They are just two DIFFERENT types of dry shampoos. Example, when I used amika for the first time, I noticed it goes on a little wet at first which is something I’m not used to with Detox and I wasn’t a fan of that…but it did dry fairly quickly but sometimes you just don’t have the time for that. I do, to my surprise like the smell of amika better than Detox. I also do like the application of amika better than Detox. Detox tends to go on aggressively. Meaning, when you spray it out of the can it shoots out directly onto your hair and can almost make your hair annoyingly stiff where as with amika I did not have that problem. Another thing I liked about amika was there was zero left over residue either on my hair or fingers. But as far as what the purpose behind the product is, amika gets the job done and the job done right. They both do. So I guess what I’m saying is, it’s based on your own personal opinion. Both are great! Both have their pros and cons.

Some other goodies that came with!

  • PBJ Smoothie Stick (creamy lip crayon)
  • Dr. Lipp Miracle Lip Balm
  • bbrowbar Brow Definer


Have a happy weekend!

Xo, B

Weekend Getaway Deets!

Hi darlings! So I recently returned from a few days up North with my boyfriend and some family. Before I left I knew I was obviously going to have to share with you guys what’s on my packing list, but more importantly the key essentials. Meaning, everything I would of not been able to survive without this weekend. Keep in my mind, I think we hit a high of 10  degrees our entire stay sooo yeah…

Here’s a few side deets as to where we stayed because HEAVEN.

  • Church Landing At Mill Falls
  • Meredith, New Hampshire

Key Essentials I Packed

Vineyard Vines Vineyard Tote

So this is new. I Used it for the first time this past weekend and I obviously love it. I used it to take to the pool. It was also my day bag on Saturday and it was literally packed full with just about everything. The straps held well and are not uncomfortable on the shoulder. Clearly super stylish. I love the zip pocket inside and two pocket sleeves below it for your cellphone. The material is strong. I accidentally left my wet bathing suit in it over night and thought the bag would of been completely soaked through but it was barely damp! For a VV tote at only $98, you can’t go wrong. I can’t wait to use it as beach bag this summer!


Vineyard Vines Whales Cosmetic Case

I’ve had this cosmetic case for a while now. It’s great! I don’t use this as my everyday go to makeup case because well I mean it’s beautiful. The inside blue checkered is adorable and ladies we all know the inside of our everyday cosmetic cases DO NOT stay clean. Also, it’s quite larger and more than what I would need for everyday use. But every time I go away, this is what holds all of my cosmetics.


Patagonia Los Gatos Vest

LOVE this vest. In case you haven’t heard me say it before! Pretty sure I’ve made that clear by now but any who..It’s so cozy, stylish and goes with anything. I’m so glad I got this. It was the perfect vest for a snowy weekend away. It’s beyond comfortable and comes in so many different colors for just under $100.


Sorel Joan Of Arctic Boots

These boots are my new favorite. My boyfriend recently bought these for me and they are literally amazing. Warm, comfortable, WATERPROOF and so stylish, am I right!? The fur detail is my favorite. Who knew dressing for the cold could be so fun and stylish? He actually got a pretty amazing deal on them as well! Original price was $180 and he got them for $134!


Patagonia Down With It Parka

I CANNOT say enough good things about this coat. This is my second winter using it and it makes all the difference. I WEAR IT EVERYDAY. It’s SO warm and made from goose down just like those pricey Canada Goose jackets that we all love. Even on the windiest, coldest blustery of days, I do not feel the wind against my body. Best part, It’s stylish. Yeah, it’s a warm big and bulky coat but it looks great with just about anything. Back when I was in the market for a warm winter coat.. that is also stylish enough to pair with jeans, I thought it was a long shot until I came across this jacket. I wouldn’t trade it for any other jacket.


Happy snow day!

Xo, B

Lush Haul

Hi Friends! On the blog today I’m talking my latest Lush purchases! Lush is my absolute favorite go to store for all things shower, bath and face masks. Nothing makes your skin feel as good and as soft as Lush products do. The store smells AMAZING, even my package had the scent of the store…aaaahhh..So here’s what I got!! Oh and I apologize for the lack of hands on photos. My phone crashed and I would rather not talk about it so moving on.


Rub Rub Rub Body Scrub

So this was my first experience with this particular scrub. Smells GREAT. Cleansing. Skin smoothing. Ya know, all the good stuff. But here’s the thing, I’ve used it twice so far and that’s about as much use as I got out of it. Once soaked with water and once you begin rubbing it onto your skin (which feels amazing btw) it quickly, QUICKLY disintegrates. That’s the only con I give this scrub other than that, I love it! It feels like a rough sand paper type of feeling when you’re rubbing it in but that’s just the exfoliation doing its job. Makes for such a relaxing shower.

Dark Angels Face & Body Cleanser

OKAY. THIS STUFF. It’s great but man does it make a mess and is annoyingly hard to wash off. To use, you take a chunk out of the container, mix with water to create a black paste like mix. Like I said, IT IS A PROCESS to wash off but don’t get me wrong the after math of using this product is worth it. Your skin is left crazy soft and hydrated.

Sakura Bath Bomb

Bath Bombs, bath bombs, bath bombs. They give my life meaning. I’ve done maybe every bath bomb Lush has to offer but this Sakura bath bomb was a new one for me. This may be the strongest, scented bath bomb I have tried. Once dissolved in the bath tub it spews out a white foam that eventually will dissolve and does not produce any color. More of a merky color is what you are left with but don’t panic its super relaxing. The salt ingredients in this bath bomb are key. You can feel the salt sizzling against your skin. To me, it was an up lifting, energizing experience and leaves your skin calm, smooth and smelling great.

Xo, B

Go To Lippies

Happy Saturday! It’s not even noon yet and I’ve finished all my errands for the day and let me tell you, there is no better feeling! I got up and out early this morning, mainly because I couldn’t fall back to sleep after my boyfriend left for work but it was definitely meant to be. I got SO MUCH DONE already! Did some food shopping, went to Starbucks and picked up some fresh blooms. And now I’m here sharing with you guys my favorite go to lippies that I’m currently using.

Too Faced Cool Girl


Too faced Queen B

If you havent realized or read it by now, Too Faced is clearly my favorite brand as of right now for lipsticks. They have such a large selection of various colors, perfect for any skin tone. I love everything about Too Faced Lipstick. The application brush is awesome. Easiest lipstick to apply and by far the longest lasting..even through eating and drinking!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Naked

Okay. So here’s the thing, I absolutely adore this lip color but find myself slowly moving away from Anastasia when it comes to lipsticks. I’m not that crazy about the texture of the lipstick itself. It takes a few swipes to actually get the full effect of the color. I also feel that the application brush could be better. It feels flimsy. As I bought more and more different lipstick brands and did my experimenting with them, is when I realized Anastasia just wasnt holding up to its name and price if I’m being totally honest. It is long lasting though and Anastasia Beverly Hills also has a great selection of colors to chose from.

Kylie Cosmetics Candy K

So this color is definitely one of my ALL TIME favs. It’s one of the darkest colors I have. I tend to lean more towards nude/naked lip colors on a daily basis. I consider Candy K my night out lippy. I find it to be a sexy lip color 😉 Again, this to is also a long lasting lip color and the application is a breeze! Kylie lipsticks are made up of very good quality and I would reccomend them to anyone!

 Any lip color/brand reccomendations for me!? I would love to try some new ones!

Have a beautiful Saturday! Go Pats!

Xo, B

Sorel Joan Of Arctic Boots

Happy Thursday darlings! It’s almost Friday so I’ll drink my wine to that. Today has been an AMAZING MAIL day people. First, my awesome Sorel Boots (which is what I’m talking on the blog tonight) but also I got my Lush package, which I thought was lost in the mail. So yeah, safe to say it’s been an amazing mail day. And don’t worry I will be sharing what I got from Lush very soon but today we are talking Sorel!

Joan Of Arctic (Elk, Dark Mountain)

The Truth is, my awesome boyfriend who I’m so thankful for actually bought these for me because we are heading to New Hampshire soon where it is COLD, SNOW and mainly ICE. Ya know, all things I love..just kidding clearly. He wanted my feet and legs too of course be warm, probably mainly to not hear me whine that I’m cold lol so he got me the best of the best 😉  And got SUCH an amazing deal on them! I’m SOOO in love with them and him.


  • Regular Price: $180
  • Sale Price: $134


My review 

Okay, I’ve worn them once and that was only to try on but OMG. I AM IN LOVE. I already know I’m going to get a ton of use out of these. They are beautiful and worth every single dollar. They are so much more stylish and good looking than I thought. You can wear them with just about anything…jeans, leggings, yoga pants. I cannot wait to start wearing them! At first they were a little difficult to get on, I almost thought they didn’t fit at first, but once over my ankle it was a perfect fit. They are comfortable, warm and durable. I would recommend these boots to anyone! Seriously, these boots make a statment.

Love, love, love

Xo, B