Happy Sunday darlings. I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving but that is now old news as November is wrapping up and we are on to December and Christmas and most importantly the HOLIDAY DEALS. The other day I got this gem in the mail and it put me right in the mood. I think it actually made it hit me that December and the deals are here and they are real.


The must have must give is Lilly Pulitzer wrapping up the sunshine season but more like putting it on pause because when does Lilly not include the sunshine. Any who, while the sunshine is on hold Lilly Pulitzer is turning its attention to the holiday’s and is now acting as your source for gift inspiration for everyone on your list. Great tips, new features, outfit inspo and deals, deals and more deals!

A Sneak Peak As To Whats Inside..

A couple of things to keep in mind..

  • MONOGRAMS New this season! Any item of your choice, in store or online can now be monogrammed.
  • PERSONALIZED ADD ONSPMeaning things like zipper pulls & bag tassels. Create your own for your own personal touch.
  • FREE SHIPPING + RETURNS During the holiday season Lilly P will offer free shipping and free returns. That’s always nice, right?!
  • GIFT NOW Now this is cool. Buying for someone and unsure about their size? Well you can now send them the item via GiftNow and they simply click their size and boom! It’s done! And done right.
  • PERSONAL SHOPPING + FIT ADVICE If you’re unsure about the fit of a certain style, don’t hesitate to go to the store or call Lilly Pulitzer customer service to speak to an expert in all things Lilly sizing, style and fit.
  • FREE GIFT PACKAGING my FAVORITE. Never say no to the gift wrapping. It’s so beautiful. Now available exclusively in stores and online.

Some favorite new arrivals of mine..

Beacon Dress

Weekender Cropped Legging

Bay Dress

Weekender Legging MY FAVORITE. A MUST.

Lyon Sweater

Sunny Shoulder Pullover

Kahli Top

Happy Shopping!!

Xo, B


PSA: Black Friday Sales Are Now Happening At J.Crew!

Happy Tuesday darlings! To my surprise, J.Crew had officially kicked off their Black Friday Sale. Woo!! In store today every item was 40 percent off. Including Clearance. That’s right!! 40 percent off and clearance included. Damn. Pretty sure 40 percent off is the highest J.Crew has ever went for sales on Black Friday. And omgggg SOOOO many good steals. I would’ve bought the entire store today if I could. But I did walk away with everything I tried on..well, almost everything!

The line up..


Ruffle Top in Festive Plaid

First item I grabbed in the store. Caught my eye instantly. How can it not?! I love this top. Had to have it as soon as I saw it. And it was a done deal after I tried it on. Are you thinking the perfect shirt for Christmas because so am I!! It’s so festive!

Toothpick Jeans in Classic Wash

Toothpick Jeans. Because can you really say no to J.Crew jeans at 40 percent off. Mmmmm No. Got mine in the classic wash.

Turtleneck Tunic Sweatshirt

Pictures don’t do this sweatshirt justice (or the model, sorry J.Crew) but it is 10X more softer and not as raggy as the picture makes it look. I probably wouldn’t have bought this if I hadn’t seen it in person. But OMG OBSESSED. It’s a ball of oversized coziness. I got it in the deep blush color in the size small/medium. The sweatshirt comes in three size categories. xxs/xs, small/medium, large/xl.

Tie-back T-shirt

Love, love, love this shirt. It’s actually my second buy of this particular shirt, just in a different color. Grey, I got today. I already have it in a lavender color. But any who I really love this shirt. It’s so casual, great for lounging around in, a quick casual look, goes with pretty much anything and the Tie back is just an extra bonus!

Tissue Turtleneck T-Shirt in Stripe 

Yet again already own this shirt just in a different color. I have it in blue and got it today in the black and white stripe. Love these signature shirts from J.Crew. They’re the best. So easy to style and great for winter and even spring!


Did pretty good wouldn’t you say?!?!

If  we don’t meet again before Thanksgiving, have a great Thanksgiving Day everyone!

Xo, B

Happy Fall cont..

Hi babes! Quick fall season check in continued! Had THE BEST/MUCH NEEDED weekend away with my love thanks to my love (he’s some kind of amazing, let me tell ya)

So normally as most of you should know by now, I’m a beach going, ocean, Ferry hopping, Cape Cod getaway type of gal. But give me the lake in the middle of fall and all its foliage and I am totally game. So anywho this is where my boyfriend took me and it was the perfect place for just that.

The Locale: Chase House at Mills Falls (Meredith, New Hampshire)

This place was something else. And my boyfriend just so happen to spontaneously get the best room for us for this past weekend. One of the best rooms the inn had to offer!!  Two bedroom, balcony, jacuzzi tub, sauna, yeah..all the bells and whistles. I loved it. And the hotel. IMMACULATE. Everything I expected!! Perfect location for a fall getaway with lots of foliage. BEAUTIFUL.


A little Fall Fash Sneak Peek! (Don’t worry I included some fashion/style for you guys so I didn’t complete bore you with the details from my weekend.)

THIS PONCHO. My Latest Obsession. And Newest Item to My Closet.

Yes THIS PONCHO. It’s everything I have been looking for. It’s November and December literally made into a sweater. Reversible..that’s always a plus! It’s so festive and the cutest print ever. I swear I’ll get more into detail soon when I actually wear it and style it. It was just one of those spontaneous buys that I’m obsessing over and just couldn’t wait to share with you guys.

The small deets..

Where I Bought: The Paper Store

Price: $24.99 Currently On Sale for $17.49

Sizing: One size Fits All

Oh and also, Backtracking a week ago to Halloween with this babe. Just couldn’t not include her.


All I got tonight!

Xo, B