Welcome to my beauty page! It’s all beauty everything. I’m a beauty freak, addict, guru, you name it! On this page I’m going to break down some beauty favorites and go to’s of mine. Makeup, skin care, hair, facial regimes, you’ll find it all here!



Some of my favorite makeup brands include

  • Too Faced
  • NARS
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills
  • Laura Mercier
  • Urban Decay


Mascara is definitely something I can be picky with. Some days I do wear lashes but not every. So on my mascara days you will mainly find me using Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. I’ve used my fair share of mascara’s to experiment with, but nothing compared to Better Than Sex. This mascara is SUPER VOLUMIZING and LONG LASTING. Two major necessities that are must for me when it comes to mascara.

Eye Shadow

Eye Shadow. Yeah, not really sure where to begin with this one. I am eye shadow obsessed. I tend to stick to more neutral shades when it comes to eye shadow. Too Faced Natural Eyes eye shadow palette is a current favorite of mine. Anastasia Beverly Hills Buon Fresco is also a current fav of mine.


So I have an addiction and I’m going to confess it here. I’m addicted to Burt’s Bees BB cream. Okay, there I said it, enough said. I absolutely love Burt’s Bees BB cream. It is exactly what I need/works for my skin. It’s light, doesn’t smell and isn’t too aggressive if you know what I’m saying.. Too top it off, on some days I use just a hint of bronzer. And get this another Too Faced product has been a bronzer go to of mine. Too Faced Sun Bunny Natural has been my bronzer of choice.


Seriously lipstick deserves its own page, but I don’t even think that would be enough to cover it all. Lipstick FANATIC over here. Lipstick is my best friend. I can never truly say I’m going “makeup free today” because even if I’m quote on quote makeup free I will always have lipstick on. Lipstick is transforming. Again, with lipstick I mainly stick to naked/neutral tones. Some of my favorites include, get ready, brace yourself, buckle up! 😉

  • Too Faced Cool Girl
  • Too Faced Queen B
  • Kylie Candy K
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Naked
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Dusty Rose
  • Laura Mercier Rosewood
  • Marc Jacobs Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Le Marc
  • NARS Anna
  • NARS Anita (rose)

Skin Care

Lot’s and lot’s of skin care go to’s, because when it comes to your skin anything can happen and you can never be to prepared. Like disastrous pimples, breakouts…NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT. So I have a go to no matter what the situation is. But to start off (Because we’re doing this in baby steps) my daily regime.

My Everyday Facial Routine


My everyday, do or die, NO MATTER WHAT I always do can be simplified into two words you hear a lot out of me and I’m sorry for that but yes, Burt’s Bees again. My entire facial regime products are all Burt’s Bee’s, so its’s basically just go to the store and buy everything from Burt’s Bees having to do with your face and I guarantee I have it. These everyday products of mine (in order of use going along with my daily routine) are listed below.

  • Burt’s Bees Cleansing towelettes
  • Burt’s Bees Brightening Facial Cleanser
  • Burt’s Bees Clarifying Toner
  • Burt’s Bee’s Toning Moisturizer
  • Jergan’s Natural Glow
  • Neutrogena Clear Face Sunscreen Lotion

And for those other annoying times my skin wants to act up

  • Lush Cosmetics Cosmetic Warrior Facemark
  • Burt’s Bee’s Acne Solution Toner
  • Burt’s Bees Acne Spot Treatment Cream