Happy Fall cont..

Hi babes! Quick fall season check in continued! Had THE BEST/MUCH NEEDED weekend away with my love thanks to my love (he’s some kind of amazing, let me tell ya)

So normally as most of you should know by now, I’m a beach going, ocean, Ferry hopping, Cape Cod getaway type of gal. But give me the lake in the middle of fall and all its foliage and I am totally game. So anywho this is where my boyfriend took me and it was the perfect place for just that.

The Locale: Chase House at Mills Falls (Meredith, New Hampshire)

This place was something else. And my boyfriend just so happen to spontaneously get the best room for us for this past weekend. One of the best rooms the inn had to offer!!  Two bedroom, balcony, jacuzzi tub, sauna, yeah..all the bells and whistles. I loved it. And the hotel. IMMACULATE. Everything I expected!! Perfect location for a fall getaway with lots of foliage. BEAUTIFUL.


A little Fall Fash Sneak Peek! (Don’t worry I included some fashion/style for you guys so I didn’t complete bore you with the details from my weekend.)

THIS PONCHO. My Latest Obsession. And Newest Item to My Closet.

Yes THIS PONCHO. It’s everything I have been looking for. It’s November and December literally made into a sweater. Reversible..that’s always a plus! It’s so festive and the cutest print ever. I swear I’ll get more into detail soon when I actually wear it and style it. It was just one of those spontaneous buys that I’m obsessing over and just couldn’t wait to share with you guys.

The small deets..

Where I Bought: The Paper Store

Price: $24.99 Currently On Sale for $17.49

Sizing: One size Fits All

Oh and also, Backtracking a week ago to Halloween with this babe. Just couldn’t not include her.


All I got tonight!

Xo, B


End Of The Summer Sales!

Hello again friends. I know it’s been awhile, I honestly say that at the beginning of every post lately… anywhoooo I’m sorry for being so MIA but I have a great post for you guys today!

Once Again summer comes and goes like a blink of an eye, well it’s not over yet but we’re getting there..sadly. But with the end of summer comes SALES. End of Summer Sales!!! So that’s the good in summers end. And today I’m sharing some of my favorite end of summer sale items. Although if I’m being totally honest, some of the items I’m sharing, I purchased at the beginning of summer because couldn’t resist. But now there on sale and you can save on them! (just click to save.)

J. Crew Chino Short

J.Crew Tank Top ($19!! Just saying.)

Topshop Swing Camisole 

Bobeau Stripe Side Tee

J.Crew Bow Top (FAVORITE of mine.)

J.Crew Chambray Tie Waist Top

J.Crew Chino Cherry Short (Another fav of mine!)


Can’t forget shoes!

Sperry Calla Jade Thong Sandal


Tory Burch Flip Flop

Tory Burch Bima 2 Espadrille 

Topshop Waves Espadrille Wedge

Charles by Charles David Miller Platform Sandal

Get to the savings!

Xo, B

Sephora Flash

Hi darlings! Happy Thursday! It’s been an amazing week off from work but to be honest, I’m bored!!! Unofurtunly my boyfriend was not able to take the time off from work with me because he’s basially the new boss man…hair flip! Any whoooo, I’ve had plenty of time this week for myself. Shopping, bubble baths, appointments, etc… But OMG if it’s what thing I can’t stop obsessing over, it’s Sephora Flash Shipping.

LITERALLY AMAZING. I received my online order not even 24 hours after it was placed.

What Sephora Flash Shipping subscription is..

Other than a GOD SEND, Sephora Flash Shipping is a one time payment of $10. That’s right. TEN. DOLLARS. for an entire year subscription on every order you make on the Sephora website with two day shipping…if that. Again, 24 hours over here people. Just saying. 24 HOURS!

What I got..

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation (Punjab-medium)


I LOVE this foundation. My absolute favorite. A little pricey at $47 a pop but totally worth it. It’s concealing. Holds up strong, through heat, sweat, all those bad things that do you and your makeup so wrong. It’s lightweight and blends so well. I swear, I’ve never been more impressed with a foundation before.

My first order and literally why I can see why Sephora flash shipping was invented. My go to, WILL NOT use any other foundation, NARS SHEER GLOW was done. NOT A DROP LEFT. I found myself in a pickle recently. With no time to go to the mall but NEEDED a new foundation because I’ve literally taken a Q tip to apply and get every little spec of what was left of my favorite NARS foundation, until of course last minute me realized I’ve got no specs left.. and that my friends is why Sephora Flash was invented. Because I had my new foundation and three samples not even 24 hours later. Please, a moment of silence for that brilliance.



And don’t forget thats just a ONE time fee of $10 for ONE YEAR. UNLIMITED orders. aaaaaahhhhh!!


Xo, B


Long Weekend Packing MUST HAVES!

Hi lovelies!! CANNOT believe the Fourth of July is already here! I swear just yesterday there was snow on the ground. Soooo excited for what’s ahead. My boyfriend and I are headed outta here for the Fourth of July just us two! I’m V excited because not only are we spending a couple of nights away, work free, morning alarm free, but we’re spending a couple nights away in my favorite place. Cape Cod/ Martha’s Vineyard/Nantucket. Yeah, pretty much going to be everywhere! Today on the blog I’m sharing with you readers what I’m packing. Deffff not all because we’d be here AWHILE lol.. So I broke it down into some categories for you dolls.



The main travel accessories

Tory Burch Embroidered-t Weekender


So the newest accessory to the family is this beauty. A beauty am I right?! Too be honest this is not what I was looking for. Let me start off by saying I was in the market for a weekend duffle bag so that’s why I bought it in the first place. But any who, I originally wanted a Vineyard Vines whale weekender but at the moment Vineyard Vines is only selling the weekender bag both online and in store in the world cup print and I was just like no. Nothing against the world cup just no. Nothing fashionable about that what so ever. So that brings me to this Tory Burch BEAUTY.

I originally saw it on the Nordstrom website first and out of curiosity, I then went to the Tory Burch website where IT WAS ON SALE and still is!! From there I clicked order without a second thought and OMG SO. GLAD. I DID. I am in loveeee with this weekender. I know it’s going to last me a very long time and I’m going to get SO MUCH use out of it. Durable, sooo much space, expandable, zip pockets, optional cross body strap, which I love.

Vineyard Vines Tote

Love this Tote. I mainly use it as a beach bag but it’s great for traveling. I usually put things like shoes, food (of course) my laptop, chargers, all the odds and end things that don’t go in my main travel bag.

Vineyard Vines Cosmetic Case

Another Vineyard Vines goody of mine and one of my favorites. If you’re regular follower of my blog you know I love this cosmetic case and have gotten a ton of use out of it. Not only do I love it for its beauty (the checkered blue interior is my favorite) but for its durability. It’s so well built and fits all of my cosmetics perfectly, which is A LOT. Trust me. So right there you know pictures don’t do justice for what you can squeeze in here. Plus the zipper is V strong. SUPER CUTE am I right?!

The shoes…

Now this is the category I tend to over pack the most in. SHOES. So this time I’m breaking old habits and bringing only three. That’s right. THREE. Ugh, if I regret this my boyfriend is to blame.


Another area I tend to over pack in. I just can’t help it!! Who knows what can happen…what if I wake up with a huge blemish and don’t have the right product with me to act fast?!?! Yeah..that’s pretty much how I think when it comes to packing my cosmetics. But seriously “What If?!”

First, my basic everyday makeup/perfume. A MUST.

Second, all the products that I use EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. on my face. another MUST.

Other Necessities 

Annnnnd because we’re going to be in the sun like 24/7 we need protection. Over the course of the last year or so I have really stepped up my skin protection game. Before, I would just go to the beach and oil up with no sun protection what so ever. I never took sun protection seriously. That is until a harsh reality brought me into the dermatoligst’s office with sun spots. Yeah, DON’T EVER want to experience that again. So now I protect!



Picked up these products this morning at Target!

If you don’t hear from me soon..

Have a safe and happy Fourth Of July everyone!

Xo, B

May BirchBox

Hello lovlies! I’m alive and well! Trust me when I say it hasn’t been my choice by any means to go a little MIA from the blog lately but work and being an adult is taking over my life but TODAY IS THE DAY. Today is the day I finally was able to set some time aside… If you wanna call pantless, sitting on the edge of the bed, unmanicured nails, messy/rooted hair, wine poured and two baskets of dirty laundry right in front of me “setting time aside” but any whoooo here we are and I’m sharing what came in The May BirchBox today!


What’s inside!

Ouai Wave Spray 


To start off, a little advice. DEF, DEF, DEF use this product on damp hair. It says you can use it on dry or damp hair but damp is the way to go. I pretty much have nothing but good things to say about this product. Yes, it is on the pricey side but worth it. It smells great and really does a good job at giving my hair that wavy, loose curl look. I’ve read mixed reviews on this product and I can see why. Although I am happy with the product, I don’t think it’s for everyone’s hair type.

ModelCo Illusion Lip Pencil


Too be honest, not much to say about this one. This product didn’t interest me at all. But I did I give it a whirl! And….. yeah still not much to say. I HATE lip liner. Lipstick does not need lip liner. When I think of lip liner, I think back to the 90’s and my mom. JUST STOP with the lipliner ladies!!! I don’t care if Kylie Jenner is doing it, you are not her!! Seriously had to get that off my chest..but does anyone else feel this way about Lip Liner?But I do have one good thing to say!! The color is pretty. It’s a beautiful, neutral, light pinkish shade. Like it. But that’s about it.

Manna Kadar Cosmetics Glo Illuminator 


I actually really do like this product. It say’s you can apply it alone for an overall glow or mixed in with your foundation. I was skeptical about mixing it in with my foundation at first but once I did I was like damn that’s good. You actually will notice you don’t need to use as much foundation as you normally would. This product makes up for it. And that glow is AMAZZZ and natural looking. No streaks, non greasy and smells great!

Clarins UV Plus Anti-Pollution Sunscreen Multi-Protection SPF 50 


As you guys know, I love facial lotions that contain SPF. I can’t stress it enough. SPF does wonders for the skin. It’s all I will use on my face. So of course when I saw this product in my BirchBox I was excited! And for good reason! Surprise, surprise! I love it! Will def be purchasing the full size bottle. It’s so lightweight, smells dreamy and leaves my skin soft and radiant.

Beauty Protector Protect & Oil


I am very picky when it comes to oil products for my hair. Too much can lead to grease and that’s never attractive. But when applied at just the right amount, I really do like this product and am very pleased with it. Again, another on the pricey side but can totally see why. And when it comes to oil and my hair, I will pay more for a better formula and that’s what this stuff is! It really does a good job at smoothing down my hairs frizz and giving it that fresh from the salon shine. This oil has so many different benefits. Heat protection, UV protection, color fading protectant and smells like a dream.

Xo, B

New Things !

Hi friends! Happy Wednesday! We’re almost there..I also have a four day weekend headed my way!! Woo! But any who I had a very, very good Wednesday. A treat yourself type of day to be exact and let’s be honest we all deserve a treat yourself day once in awhile (or every week) I got my hair done and did some shopping and surprise, surprise I hit J.Crew and did some damage…shh don’t tell my boyfriend but MOVING on…. I’m so excited to share with you guys in this post what I got today, because literally OBSESSED with everything and obviously not sorry about it!

J.Crew Bow Shoulder Top

This bow shoulder top was on sale for $19.00. YOU can’t go wrong for that price at J.Crew, not too mention it’s like the cutest top ever. I couldn’t find it on the J.Crew website but my link will take you to what I think is the same top, but just in plaid.

Express Mid Rise Super Soft Jean Legging

Been on the hunt for a new pair of skinnies. Jeans is where it can get tricky for me aka short girl problems. But this pair I found today at Express fit like a glove. I tried on a pair of skinnies at J.Crew..the waist fit great but the bottom, at my ankles were baggy and it just looked off to me. SO, SO glad I found these ones today!

J.Crew Embroidered linen cotton pom cover up

I’ve literally been back and forth to J.Crew and each time I’ve been obsessing over their beach cover up dresses and say to myself, next time, next time, it’s not summer yet. But today I finally gave in and I’m not even sorry. How freaking cute is it, seriously?!

Express snake print strappy wedge sandal

Last but not least these super cute wedges I found at Express. I have a thing for Express wedges, especially in the nude color. I just find their wedges to be extremely comfortable  and durable for such a great price!

Good night !

Xo, B


Thank You Origins!

Happy Sunday loves! What a gorgeous Sunday it has been, it’s finally feeling like spring outside! Today on the blog I’m sharing my review of some great samples Origins sent me in the mail! I love them all. I feel like I haven’t beauty posted in a while so I’m excited for this post, what great timing!!

First off, how cute is the note they wrote me?!?!


Here’s what they sent me!

A Perfect World SPF40 Age-Defense Moisturizer with White Tea Broad Spectrum SPF40


So this one is my favorite that they sent me. This moisturizer is LIFE CHANGING. First off, any moisturizer that contains SPF is already a winner in my book. I only use moisturizers on my face that contain SPF and are oil FREE. But by far this Origins moisturizer has just moved to the top of my list. The texture is smooth and feels so good and hydrating when I’m applying it to my face. I literally look forward to it! It’s so refreshing and leaves your skin smooth and brightened!

Side note, completely sold on the ingredients. The main, silver tip white tea is said to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, eliminate sun damage and improve the texture and firmness of your skin. Honestly, this moisturizer does all of that. And hey, it’s never to early to fight aging skin am I right!?

Checks and Balances frothy face wash


Love this face wash. This cleanser is easy to use. It goes on creamy and once lathered into the skin, then comes the frothy part. It feels so good and cleansing on the skin. It’s not harsh or drying. I struggle with dry skin on my face, especially above my eye lids so I stay clear of any cleansers containing harsh ingredients. Which is why I love Origins! The formulas behind all Origins products are organic, natural and plant-based. I’m coming to realize anything from nature is kinder too your skin. Which brings me back to this face wash, the main ingredient, Tourmaline ( a semi precious stone) is believed to be vitalizing to the skin, fights age and makes for the appearance of more youthful looking skin. Too sum up, this cleanser is like you’re washing your face with skin benefiting vitamins in a liquid form..WIN!


Using this face wash accompanied by the white tea moisturizer afterwards is TRANSFORMING. Within  the first use of both together, I already noticed a difference. My skin felt smooth, even and hydrated. I love my skin and love Origins for making me love my skin. I swear, it’s an enjoyable and refreshing experience, I look forward to washing and moisturizng my face thanks to Origins.

High-Potency Night-A-Mins mineral enriched renewal cream


Obviously I apply this at night and by morning my skin is beyond moisturized, as if someone sat and moisturized my face while I slept the entire night. It smells amazing. Feels lightweight and calming on the skin. It’s a deep moisturizer. Best part, the main ingredient in this one is ORANGE. I love anything citrus, there’s just something so energizing and boosting about citrus. The smell alone is boosting. Oranges are high in antioxidants that help brighten the skin. Even drinking enough orange juice can help brighten your skin over time.

GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream to Brighten and Depuff


So this eye cream is an Origins best seller and I can see why. Active ingredient, COFFEE. That’s right, coffee! Who knew?! But I’ll get back to that in a minute. I struggle with dark circles and puffy eyes so I was so excited when I saw this product in my package. It’s just what I was looking for! I’ve been applying every night right before bed. I leave it right on my night stand. When I’m rubbing it in under my eyes I feel a slight tingle/burn sensation…but it feels good. It feels like its working and sinking right into my skin. I wake up and my eyes and under eyes look BRIGHT. To the point where I don’t even feel the need to put on my under eye concealer. I’m a huge fan of the Origins GinZing products. I also have the GinZing energy boosting treatment mist, which I apply every morning and it has been my go to every morning instead of washing my face, which I save for at night now.


So back to the god of all gods the main ingredient, coffee. Coffee beans contain caffeic acid, which boosts collagen production. It is said even a simple cup of coffee can perk up your morning face. Who knew coffee was so good for your skin?! There’s even coffee masks you can make right at home!

Have a happy Sunday darlings and thank you Origins for the amazing products!

Xo, B