Lush Haul

Hi Friends! On the blog today I’m talking my latest Lush purchases! Lush is my absolute favorite go to store for all things shower, bath and face masks. Nothing makes your skin feel as good and as soft as Lush products do. The store smells AMAZING, even my package had the scent of the store…aaaahhh..So here’s what I got!! Oh and I apologize for the lack of hands on photos. My phone crashed and I would rather not talk about it so moving on.


Rub Rub Rub Body Scrub

So this was my first experience with this particular scrub. Smells GREAT. Cleansing. Skin smoothing. Ya know, all the good stuff. But here’s the thing, I’ve used it twice so far and that’s about as much use as I got out of it. Once soaked with water and once you begin rubbing it onto your skin (which feels amazing btw) it quickly, QUICKLY disintegrates. That’s the only con I give this scrub other than that, I love it! It feels like a rough sand paper type of feeling when you’re rubbing it in but that’s just the exfoliation doing its job. Makes for such a relaxing shower.

Dark Angels Face & Body Cleanser

OKAY. THIS STUFF. It’s great but man does it make a mess and is annoyingly hard to wash off. To use, you take a chunk out of the container, mix with water to create a black paste like mix. Like I said, IT IS A PROCESS to wash off but don’t get me wrong the after math of using this product is worth it. Your skin is left crazy soft and hydrated.

Sakura Bath Bomb

Bath Bombs, bath bombs, bath bombs. They give my life meaning. I’ve done maybe every bath bomb Lush has to offer but this Sakura bath bomb was a new one for me. This may be the strongest, scented bath bomb I have tried. Once dissolved in the bath tub it spews out a white foam that eventually will dissolve and does not produce any color. More of a merky color is what you are left with but don’t panic its super relaxing. The salt ingredients in this bath bomb are key. You can feel the salt sizzling against your skin. To me, it was an up lifting, energizing experience and leaves your skin calm, smooth and smelling great.

Xo, B