Happy Fall!

Happy Fall my loves! Don’t kill me. I know its been FOREVER since my last post but LIFE. But I’m here! I’m Back! I’m still shopping! And I’m healthy! Yes, that’s right. Healthy. I’m getting over a horrible kidney infection that completly took me surprise and turned my life upside down. It was bad. But ANYWHO enough blabbing and more Fall fashion! Today on the blog (man it’s been awhile since I’ve typed that) I’m sharing some fall newbies with you guys!

The newest item..

Caslon Stripe Panel Sweater

I bought it today at Nordstrom for $49! My mom and I had a little shopping and dinner date tonight and my dad and boyfriend went out on their own. Just saying because it was really cute. ANYWHO..this sweater by Caslon. I love Caslon clothing. Its honest to god good quality clothing. I’m happy with all my Caslon pieces. Will always be one of my favorite Nordstrom brands.

I bought with work on my mind. Leggings, wedges, boots, flats…pretty much any shoe will compliment. But SO not feeling it with this color wash of jeans. (I’ll get into my jeans soon) A million different ways I can style this top started coming to mind as soon as I saw it. Tried it on! Loved it! Flipped the switch! Its fun and effortlessly cute! I got the navy blue and I’m thinking about going back for the Ivory color! Its GORGGG. Am I right?!


Also this Caslon top I wanted to talk about! I didn’t get it but I do love it. It just didn’t work for me and I’ll explain…but first the top!

Caslon Peplum Tee

PEPLUM. Peplum is a no, no for me and I’m starting to accept that fact. Something about Peplum it so not flattering on me. I’m short and I’m beginning to think thats the problem. But I did want to give this shirt some attention even though I didn’t get it. Doesn’t mean I can’t love it. Because I DO. Just not on me..


So getting back to my jeans I said I would mention. They’re also (fairly) new!!  They’re Lucky Brand and my new go to pair of skinny jeans. Totally OBSESSED. This is my second pair of Lucky Brand Jeans and I don’t know why I don’t own more of them! This pair is the Ava Mid Rise Legging Jean in Spirited.


They’re honestly the comfiest and roomiest jeans I own. Yes, I said roomiest but sometimes ya need room! The variety of washes and cuts…but who am I kidding, I always buy skinny. Just all around a solid made pair of denim jeans. I love the small details also! The the little “lucky you” on the zipper..TOO CUTE.




Nordstrom Sale Update!

Hello again lovies! I’m back not even 24 hours later, do you believe it?! I know. Me neither. But here I am! And here I am, happy to report that the Nordstrom sale early access is now taking place!!! The sale opens to the public in just a few days but if you are a lucky Nordstrom card holder you can now shop the sale!! And clearly that’s all I’ve been doing… Any who, Like I predicted some of my fav brands are on sale! Tory Burch, Rag & Bone, TOMS, Zella..so, soo much good stuff. Here’s a peak of some great deals I’ve already come across, as well as a purchase or two I’ve made so far!

The Deals

Tory Burch Adeline Boot

|Regular Price: $498|N Sale Price $299.90|

Mya Skinny Jean

|Regular Price: $59.90|N Sale Price: $38.90|

Twill Peplum Jacket

|Regular Price: $75.00|N Sale Price: $49.90|

Rag & Bone Lillian Stripe Merino Wool Dress

|Regular Price: $450.00|N Sale Price: $298.90|

Sincerely Jules Side-Lace Sweatshirt

|Regular Price: $119.00|N Sale Price: $79.90|

Two by Vince Camuto Off the Shoulder Plaid Blouse


So I know amazing deals so far am I right?! I’m taking my time and don’t want to rush into it but MY GOD ITS SO HARD NOT TOO. The deals are great! Here’s what I purchased so far..

This off the shoulder top caught my eye as soon as I saw it!! SO ME. SO CUTE.

Treasure & Bond Off the Shoulder Sweater

|Regular Price: $69.00|N Sale Price: $45.90|

So cute!! Right?! I loveeee it! Can’t wait to find more great great buys during the #NSale



Happy National Wear Your Lilly Day!

Hi darlings! Happy Wednesday! And happy National Wear Your Lilly Day! Anddd happy first day of summer of course!! I celebrated both National Wear Your Lilly Day and first day of summer THE MOST appropriate way I know…bought some new Lilly of course.


What I got

Baybreeze Short

I was in desperate need of a pair of shorts for the summer that I can just hang around the house in/ run quick errands in/wear on a not doing much kind of day… you follow? Aka something comfortable, when it’s just SO unbearably hot to wear leggings. Which is why I’m SOO, SOO glad I found these beauties. They’re just what I needed!! Comfortable isn’t the word. I swear it feels like I’m wearing nothing. SO COMFORTABLE. I already know I am going to get so much use out of these this summer. I mean, I’m already wearing them as we speak.

Callahan Short

I’m a lover of Lilly Callahan shorts but I’m even more of a lover of Callahan shorts when in Resort Navy Travelers Palm. ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITE prints from Lilly. And today I was finally able to snag a pair in my favorite style of shorts from Lilly. So win and win.

Paradis Dress

Something, something about this print I like and am always drawn too. This print seems to always catch my eye. Multi Hit The Spot is the name. And OMG deff in my top five Lilly Print favs. And all’s I had to see…. Was this print. In this day dress. ON SALE. You guys really didn’t expect me to walk away from it, now did you..? Because if you did then you donut know me at all.

I mean, how cute?!



And happening today and today only, in honor of #nwyld when you spend $75 and more you will receive a free gift with your purchase! So thank you Lilly! Loving my bracelet already!



Well, boyfriend is FINALLY on his way home from work with chinese food (THANK YOU GOD) go shop Lilly babes and get your free gift!!

Xo, B

New J.Crew!

New J.crew! How many posts have I titled “New J.Crew” ? A.LOT. But I seriously I have an addiction to J and I’m not sorry about it! I’m just so obsessed with their style and vibe. It’s never a miss when shopping J.Crew. Today I picked up some new buys and by some I mean three items, which is fair. I didn’t splurge this time. It was hard but I made it out alive and alive without some very cute items!

What I got!

Striped Pouch

When I first walked in the store this pouch was right up front and of courseeee caught my eye right away! Simple but so cute! I’m thinking, summer nights on the town to hold my money, phone, credit cards, etc…Not too mention it’s the absolute cutest and striped of course! J.Crew is my favorite, they can take something so simple but throw in a little cute extra detail give it that extra little appeal. Did you notice? The little orange on the zipper..SO CUTE!!

Striped Boat Neck Top

Oops I did it again. STRIPES. Legit have this shirt in every color J.Crew has to offer but I can’t help it! I love these shirts, super casual, perfect for the weekends paired with a simple legging but can also be dressed up for work. I finally gave into the red today because alls that was flashing through my mind was that paired with white jeans or blue denim and BOOM had to have. The outfit ideas and way to style this color just poured into my brain and from there it was a done deal. SOO SOO glad I got it!

Tipped ruffle top in stripe 

There’s no other way to describe this shirt other than beautiful. This is what I love about J.Crew, their shirts are so uniquely designed. A little more on the pricey side because it was a fairly new shirt they had just got in and made with a little better quality but a total must have in my book. Don’t you agree?!

Happy Wine Wednesday!

Xo, B


Outfit Details!

Hi darlings! A short post today but HAD to share todays outfit details with you guys before I forget! It’s been raining an ABSOLUTE TON this month and I’m so over it. But at least I’ve had the clothes and accessories to have my back during this wet month. Hunter Boots, J.Crew toothpick white denim jeans, and J.Crew stripes of course. It’s all here!


|Top: J.Crew|Jeans: J.Crew|Boots: Hunter Boots|Bag: LongChamp|

I loveeee this outfit. It’s funny how I seem to love and obsess over the outfits I put no thought into. I seriously picked this outfit out in no more than three minutes, while running late for work and OMG what a success. I know, I know, I’m good. But how cute is this outfit?! So nautical, so clean and clearly following in the footsteps of Princess Kate! Hashtag hairflip!


But any who here’s to hoping for more sun in June..

Xo, B

J.Crew Final Sale

Hi darlings! Sorry for the lack of posts lately but MY GOD have I been busy with life, work, EVERYTHING. Any who, today on the blog I’m talking about items from J.Crew’s in store final sale section and what I think of the J.Crew final sale over all.

First off! The deals are INSANELY good, like too good to pass up. I’ve shopped the final sale section multiple times. There is never a time when I’m shopping J.Crew in store that I don’t skim through the final sale selection because you really never know what you are gonna find.


There’s a catch though…a small one but still a catch. Some items in the J.Crew final sale selection are returns and slightly and when I say slightly, I mean absolutely, positively unnoticable rips, loose fabric, a missing button, what have you. But like I said SLIGHT. And for me, that’s totally fine based on the crazy good deals I’ve gotten shopping this section! So, so many good clothes!! Here’s a few recent ones for you guys! But don’t forget all sales are final.


Bow-Shoulder Top

  • Original Price: $79.50
  • I Paid: $19.50

I LOVEEE this top! I get so many compliments on it. It’s the perfect cross between classy and edgy. I recently wore it on Easter and to work. It’s gorgeous and one of my fav shirts by far!

Michael De Feo for J.Crew Striped T-Shirt With Painted Flowers

  • Original Price: $49.50
  • What I Paid: $19.99

Striped Peasant Top

  • Original Price: $59.50
  • What I Paid: $19.99


Happy Wine Wednesday!

Xo, B



Checking In!

Hi darlings! Checking in! I know I’ve been MIA for a few days now but life’s been a little blah lately. I recently found out that my beloved pup, Molly has been diagnosed with chronic kidney failure. She’s 12 years old now and I know this is apart of life but man this sh*t is tough. Her days are still good and she’s still herself… her hyper, jumpy, whiney babe of mine. We don’t know all the details yet but we are remaining hopeful that it was caught early enough to keep under control.

Any who, I don’t mean to get all sappy and such so let’s get to something pertaining to fashion. Outfit details from the other day!!

The outfit

The details

I LOVE this pullover, turtle neck, flowy sweater. It was a hidden gem I found at Marshalls for under $25 months ago. I’ve gotten SO, SO much wear out of it. It can be worn casually, dressy or even paired with some lulus for errands. I’ve worn it all three of those ways! I wasn’t able to find a link for it. Sorry guys! But who know’s, you may come across it at Marshalls!

Express Skinny Black Jean

These black jeans from Express are literally my work pant go to. So much so I own two pairs…no lie. Any who, I LOVE them. They’re dressy, classy and flattering. They make for the perfect work appropriate pant without feeling like you’re in grandma pants lol.

Express Wedge

Yep! These new wedges again.. that I obviously can’t get enough of. But seriously, I can’t. I’m obsessed with the style, color, I get a ton of compliments on them. Best Part is? Well, there’s two. A PLUS for comfort and an A PLUS for price. WIN!

Tory Burch Gemini Link Tote

And to complete the look of course is my current favorite Tory Burch tote. This baby has held up so well! I’ve had it for months and has yet to show any signs of wear, even on the straps! The straps are where I find most my Tory Burch bags to wear out the most at first, but no signs of that yet! I’m a huge fan of the design of these bags also…it’s different but chic.


Xo, B