Bath Bombing Into Monday!

Hi guys! Happy Monday! Or happy Monday night at this point.. It’s my week off from work so yes, fair to say it was a happy Monday. Oceanside wine, my tan is AMAZZ, a bath bomb…Yupp, not to shabby for B. But in all honesty I woke up this morning and had no idea what the heck to do with myself (boyfriend left for work at 4:45am mind you) and I woke up a lovely four hours later.  Any who, Never DO I EVER have a Monday to myself so my boredom led me to Whole Foods. Purchased the most random things. Including a bath bomb which I’m reviewing for you guys tonight!

Whole Foods Fizzing Bath Bomb (rose petal)

whole foods

Like I said, out of boredom is why I got here. But I’m totally digging these $1.99 bath bombs. I chose rose petal but there’s numerous options… Shea Butter, Milk and Honey, Coconut milk…to name a few.  You may possibly need two bath bombs depending on the size of your bath tub because they are small. NOT THE SIZE OF LUSH by any means, they’re TINY….which is a bummer but work great if you get two!

When I first opened it, THE SMELL is what first got me! It’s SO strong. I got the rose petal one and it literally smells like fairytale.. if that makes sense?! But that’s what I thought of, so hey. I filled my tub up all the way, got in it and then put the bath bomb in. I recommend doing it while you’re already in the tub, the fizzing effect is a la heavennnnn sent.

I realize it is now Tuesday night but TOTALLY forgot to publish lastnight. Oh well!

Xo, B


Happy Wednesday!

Hi loves and happy Wednesday! If you live in New England, I sure hoped you survived what I pray was the last blizzard of the season because I AM SO ready for spring. Side note, I’m so annoyed the storm happened on my staycation because I literally planned everyday out, errand by errand because I never have the free time I have this week and the storm set me back a day..ANNOYING. Any who, today was a success already! With trips to Starbucks, Sephora, J.Crew, enough said am I right? I picked up some good things today that I’m going to share with you guys in todays post!

Stop 1. Sephora

My skin has been really weird lately..just doing things so completely out of the normal for me. It’s been dryer than usual and prone to breakouts like wtf?!?! Obviously, that’s never okay. I’ve come to the decision after reading up on other beauty blogs that I’m only going to wash my face once a day. Which will obviously be at night because makeup durrr. As for mornings before work, any morning I should say..I needed a solution other than cleanser to wake my skin up and I think I may have found it. I have not tried it yet but based on my reading and the reviews I read it’s just the ticket!


It’s an energy boosting treatment lotion mist (that smells great btw) that adds instant hydration to your sleepy looking face…exactly what I need! If you have used this before PLS let me know what your thoughts are!

Okay, so I know I said in a recent blog post that I no longer wear false lashes but who am I kidding really!?!? That lasted oh so long. So today I picked up a fresh set of lashies and glue. Sephora was out of my usual lashes so I went on a whim and bought these House Of Lashes lash set and glue! They look so voluminous and stable!

Stop 2. J.Crew

Of course no shopping spree is complete without a stop at J.Crew. I found THE most cutest, stripe, flare sleeve top like OMG it’s so cute you guys! Have a look for yourself..and how bout those Kate Middleton wedges?!?! Maybe next time.. 😉

I’m so on board for what looks to be the trend this spring/summer. Navy. Stripes. Nautical. is the vibe I’ve been getting at EVERY single store, blog, fashion instagram I have visited. That’s already so me!! So yay for me!! But really though, how cute is this top?! The ruffle detail and navy coloring is obviously my favorite part. How can you beat it?! This shirt was under $40. AMAZING deal! Especially for J.Crew. CANNOT wait to where with white skinny jeans and wedges…are you seeing it?! Because I am. How many more days until spring?

J.Crew Stripe Boat Neck T-Shirt

More stripes I KNOW. But seriously can’t help it. I tried this shirt on in a medium size because I wanted the fit to be a little more loose and flowy on me so I can pair it with leggings. This shirt was also under $40! Eeee!


Happy Wine Wednesday of course!

Xo, B