Happy Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday friends! Soon how many Wednesday’s has it been since I’ve last said that… Seriously, sorry for the lack of posts, both on here and instagram but I’m literally stuck in a winter funk. I’m SO. SICK. OF. WINTER. January felt like it lasted forever. Snow, the cold, dressing in layers…I’m over it!! I promise, promise I’ll make it up for the lack of posts come spring. CANNOT wait for spring fashion. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel. But for now I’m sharing some things I purchased at J.Crew today.

Twist-Back Long-Sleeve T Shirt 


So obviously was instantly drawn because me, I love my stripes as you guys know. But then I noticed the back and felllll in love. I adore the twist back feature and did not expect it! Just adds some fun and uniqueness to the shirt.


Side note: I recommend sizing a size up in this shirt.

And of course a girl needs her jewelry too..

Bead and Tassel Bracelet Set



So I obviously got the navy blue or Brilliant Sapphire as J.Crew is calling. Totally loveeeee. All of the springs vibes.





Xo, B


Weekend Details!

Hello again darlings! A few things today, acutally a lot of different things. Kind of all over the place with this post but I have things to share! So I’m sqeezing it all into this one post… so don’t hate me or my ADD I’ll do my best to get it all in and in order.

The city is one of my favorite places to be during Christmas TIme. I love the lights, the decor, the huge christmas trees, wreaths everywhere. It’s so magical and romantic during December.

Commonwealth Ave


Yesterday, my day brought me to the Liberty Hotel in Boston. But before I get into that I obviously have to share yesterdays outfit details because obsessed with yesterdays outfit.

IMG_6292|Striped shirt:J.Crew|Poncho:The Paper Store|Jeans:J.Crew|Bag:Longchamp|Shoes:The Paper Store|

So back to Liberty Hotel. I absolutely fell in love as soon as I saw the lobby. It had Christmas trees hanging upside down from the huge cathedral ceilings above. I’ve never seen anything like it! It was so creative so props to the person who came up with that.


Oh, and I’ve been getting A TON of questions regarding my shoes from yesterday so I’ll get into some detail about them! Believe it or not, I got them at The Paper Store. I got them on sale but I was just on the website and they are back at full price, $39.99… which is still a total steal to me for such a cute shoe! But Limited Stock so act fast if you love them as much as I do. Seriously they’re so cute!

Here’s the deets! They are the Mia Flannel Slide On Sneaker


I LOVE The Paper Store! And I’m feeling the need to brag about my love for The Paper Store right now. They sell so many of my favorite brands like Kate Spade and Lilly Pulitzer accessories. And now they even sell Vineyard Vines clothing!!! Like what?!?! Totally awesome! I’ve just had so much luck they’re with clothing lately. They always have something cute I want. Like that Reversible Poncho I have that you guys know I’m obsessed with and never stop wearing it.





As you guys know, see this is me getting out of order now but whatever back to my outfit details. I wore the poncho reversed for the first time yesterday (also had a midday bag change as you can see) and I love this side way better than the other. Other side is still cute don’t get me wrong but now after wearing it both ways, I like this side better. Mainly because it reminds of the one Kate Middleton wears.

IMG_6368|Poncho:The Paper Store|Striped shirt:J.Crew|Jeans:J.Crew|Sunglasses:Marc Jacobs|Bag:Burberry|iWatch band:Nordstrom|

Well, Kate’s is clearly not from The Paper Store… More like Zara but you get the vibe. She’s just the cutest is she not? Never wears an outfit wrong. Preach.


Sorry for the most ADD post ever!!

Xo, B


Holiday Savings!

Hey guys! Happy Saturday! And tis the season for all those really great holiday sales and promos happening at all our favorite stores. But in all honesty J.Crew is blowing everyone out of the water. The deals and promos they have going on currently, like right now so you better get going are AMAZING.

$62 I saved yesterday in store!!! But before I get ahead of myself. I did have two $25 giftcards to use as well. One for my birthday and one I got for being a great customer! Woo! And side note: I received them both in the mail on the same day. It was a great surpirse!

So here’s the deets


Current Promos and Specials 

  • Okay, so in stores and online and still happening now..(so get going) J.Crew is offering 30 percent off full priced styles or 40 percent off full priced styles when you spend $200+. If shopping online use code “HOLIDAYFUN”
  • Free shipping on order of 150+ or $5 flat rate shipping. Free shipping on all crew cuts.
  • 15 Percent off your purchase when you open a J.Crew card. (best decision I’ve ever made)

Oh, and before I forget! Because I am a J.Crew card holder, I received a $25 gift card in the mail for my birthday and a $25 gift card for being a great customer. I got them on the SAME DAY. Totally awesome!! Am I right?!

Here’s What I got..

Petite Embroidered Tie Front Tunic

Brushed Wool Scarf in Tartan Plaid 

Vintage Scoop Neck Tee (because you can never have too many white tees)

Oui non Legging Pajama (obviously saved the best for last)


Xo, B

Happy Fall cont..

Hi babes! Quick fall season check in continued! Had THE BEST/MUCH NEEDED weekend away with my love thanks to my love (he’s some kind of amazing, let me tell ya)

So normally as most of you should know by now, I’m a beach going, ocean, Ferry hopping, Cape Cod getaway type of gal. But give me the lake in the middle of fall and all its foliage and I am totally game. So anywho this is where my boyfriend took me and it was the perfect place for just that.

The Locale: Chase House at Mills Falls (Meredith, New Hampshire)

This place was something else. And my boyfriend just so happen to spontaneously get the best room for us for this past weekend. One of the best rooms the inn had to offer!!  Two bedroom, balcony, jacuzzi tub, sauna, yeah..all the bells and whistles. I loved it. And the hotel. IMMACULATE. Everything I expected!! Perfect location for a fall getaway with lots of foliage. BEAUTIFUL.


A little Fall Fash Sneak Peek! (Don’t worry I included some fashion/style for you guys so I didn’t complete bore you with the details from my weekend.)

THIS PONCHO. My Latest Obsession. And Newest Item to My Closet.

Yes THIS PONCHO. It’s everything I have been looking for. It’s November and December literally made into a sweater. Reversible..that’s always a plus! It’s so festive and the cutest print ever. I swear I’ll get more into detail soon when I actually wear it and style it. It was just one of those spontaneous buys that I’m obsessing over and just couldn’t wait to share with you guys.

The small deets..

Where I Bought: The Paper Store

Price: $24.99 Currently On Sale for $17.49

Sizing: One size Fits All

Oh and also, Backtracking a week ago to Halloween with this babe. Just couldn’t not include her.


All I got tonight!

Xo, B

After Party Sale Update!

Hi darlings! The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale is officially underway! And the savings are huge. You out did yourself this time around Lilly for sure. Dresses, popovers, leggings, accessories and so much more are discounted as we speak. Things are going FAST. TRUST ME. So if you haven’t shopped the sale yet, I suggest you get on it! And don’t forget all sales are final.


Today on the blog, I’m updating you guys on some items that are still in stock but won’t be for long so hurry, hurry!!

Printed Popover (Originally $98 APS Price $64)

Luxletic Run Around Short (Originally $58 APS Price $34)

Rae Shift Dress (Originally $198 APS Price $69)

Getaway Cover Up (Originally $118 APS Price $39)

Sophie Dress MY FAVORITE (Originally $138 APS Price $79)

Galley Linen Pant (Originally $128 APS Price $39)

Emmeline One Shoulder Dress (Originally $168 APS Price $99)

Moya Silk Caftan (Originally $228 APS Price $64)

Callahan Chino (Originally $118 APS Price $49)

Waverly Top (Originally $78 APS Price $39)


Things I’ve noticed during this particular APS..

  1. XS/S sizes are the most popular. Those go first.
  2. Definitely Lilly’s largest sale yet.
  3. The “virtual wait” does exist. It took me an hour to get on the site.
  4. The queue took way longer. 
  5. If you are sure of item you want, PLACE THE ORDER right then and there. Don’t even bother leaving it in your cart as you continue shopping, it will be gone. 

Best of Luck!

Xo, B

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale!

It’s that time of year again!! The twice yearly Lilly Pulitzer after party sale IS. JUST. DAYS. AWAY. And I am ready to shop and I hope you are too! Today on the blog I’m sharing all the ins and outs of the sale. What you need to know. What we can expect to see. The savings. Items I hope to see. Shopping dos and don’ts And much more!

So get your Luxletics on and pour your bubbly because there’s amazing savings headed our way and you need to be ready!

When Is the sale taking place? The sale will start, Monday, Aug 28th and will end on Wednesday, Aug 30th. Now, that’s not a ton of time but that is a day longer than previous Lilly sales.

Side Note: What to know going in….

 1. ACT FAST. This event is Christmas to Lilly lovers. The website almost always crashes during the sale because all the Lilly lovers are flooding it. There is literally a virtual line….crazy right? So what I’m really saying is DON’T WAIT LAST MINUTE.

2. Be sure you have a Lilly Pulitzer account set up. You can only shop the sale if you have a Lilly account.

3. An item added to your cart DOES not mean it’s yours. Items go FAST. It’s fair game to anyone, until you officially check out.

4. Use multiple devices. Are you waiting in that annoying Virtual Line on you laptop or tablet to access the Lilly site? Pick up your phone real quick, you might have better luck. Just Saying.

5. Know what you are looking for. Do a little pre sale window shopping. Know what you are looking for. Whether it’s dresses, shirts, bottoms, accessories, down to the print you want. Filter your searches, it’s a major time saver.


What’s The Big Hype? What’s the big hype? Well, the big hype is that when does Lilly Pulitzer ever have items on sale??? They’re isn’t even a sale section on their website. It’s huge. Rumor has it, we can expect to see items up to 50% off. A moment of silence please. For that beautiful phrase. 50 PERCENT OFF. LILLY PULITZER. THAT IS ALL.

What Items I hope to see marked down.. fingers crossed

Cabrey Shift Dress

Martinique Long Fridge Hem Sweater

Worth Skinny Jean

Luxletic Midi Pant

Arbelle Off The Shoulder Romper

Printed Popover

Kensington Beaded Top


Talk soon!

Xo, B

End Of The Summer Sales!

Hello again friends. I know it’s been awhile, I honestly say that at the beginning of every post lately… anywhoooo I’m sorry for being so MIA but I have a great post for you guys today!

Once Again summer comes and goes like a blink of an eye, well it’s not over yet but we’re getting there..sadly. But with the end of summer comes SALES. End of Summer Sales!!! So that’s the good in summers end. And today I’m sharing some of my favorite end of summer sale items. Although if I’m being totally honest, some of the items I’m sharing, I purchased at the beginning of summer because couldn’t resist. But now there on sale and you can save on them! (just click to save.)

J. Crew Chino Short

J.Crew Tank Top ($19!! Just saying.)

Topshop Swing Camisole 

Bobeau Stripe Side Tee

J.Crew Bow Top (FAVORITE of mine.)

J.Crew Chambray Tie Waist Top

J.Crew Chino Cherry Short (Another fav of mine!)


Can’t forget shoes!

Sperry Calla Jade Thong Sandal


Tory Burch Flip Flop

Tory Burch Bima 2 Espadrille 

Topshop Waves Espadrille Wedge

Charles by Charles David Miller Platform Sandal

Get to the savings!

Xo, B