After Party Sale Update!

Hi darlings! The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale is officially underway! And the savings are huge. You out did yourself this time around Lilly for sure. Dresses, popovers, leggings, accessories and so much more are discounted as we speak. Things are going FAST. TRUST ME. So if you haven’t shopped the sale yet, I suggest you get on it! And don’t forget all sales are final.


Today on the blog, I’m updating you guys on some items that are still in stock but won’t be for long so hurry, hurry!!

Printed Popover (Originally $98 APS Price $64)

Luxletic Run Around Short (Originally $58 APS Price $34)

Rae Shift Dress (Originally $198 APS Price $69)

Getaway Cover Up (Originally $118 APS Price $39)

Sophie Dress MY FAVORITE (Originally $138 APS Price $79)

Galley Linen Pant (Originally $128 APS Price $39)

Emmeline One Shoulder Dress (Originally $168 APS Price $99)

Moya Silk Caftan (Originally $228 APS Price $64)

Callahan Chino (Originally $118 APS Price $49)

Waverly Top (Originally $78 APS Price $39)


Things I’ve noticed during this particular APS..

  1. XS/S sizes are the most popular. Those go first.
  2. Definitely Lilly’s largest sale yet.
  3. The “virtual wait” does exist. It took me an hour to get on the site.
  4. The queue took way longer. 
  5. If you are sure of item you want, PLACE THE ORDER right then and there. Don’t even bother leaving it in your cart as you continue shopping, it will be gone. 

Best of Luck!

Xo, B


Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale!

It’s that time of year again!! The twice yearly Lilly Pulitzer after party sale IS. JUST. DAYS. AWAY. And I am ready to shop and I hope you are too! Today on the blog I’m sharing all the ins and outs of the sale. What you need to know. What we can expect to see. The savings. Items I hope to see. Shopping dos and don’ts And much more!

So get your Luxletics on and pour your bubbly because there’s amazing savings headed our way and you need to be ready!

When Is the sale taking place? The sale will start, Monday, Aug 28th and will end on Wednesday, Aug 30th. Now, that’s not a ton of time but that is a day longer than previous Lilly sales.

Side Note: What to know going in….

 1. ACT FAST. This event is Christmas to Lilly lovers. The website almost always crashes during the sale because all the Lilly lovers are flooding it. There is literally a virtual line….crazy right? So what I’m really saying is DON’T WAIT LAST MINUTE.

2. Be sure you have a Lilly Pulitzer account set up. You can only shop the sale if you have a Lilly account.

3. An item added to your cart DOES not mean it’s yours. Items go FAST. It’s fair game to anyone, until you officially check out.

4. Use multiple devices. Are you waiting in that annoying Virtual Line on you laptop or tablet to access the Lilly site? Pick up your phone real quick, you might have better luck. Just Saying.

5. Know what you are looking for. Do a little pre sale window shopping. Know what you are looking for. Whether it’s dresses, shirts, bottoms, accessories, down to the print you want. Filter your searches, it’s a major time saver.


What’s The Big Hype? What’s the big hype? Well, the big hype is that when does Lilly Pulitzer ever have items on sale??? They’re isn’t even a sale section on their website. It’s huge. Rumor has it, we can expect to see items up to 50% off. A moment of silence please. For that beautiful phrase. 50 PERCENT OFF. LILLY PULITZER. THAT IS ALL.

What Items I hope to see marked down.. fingers crossed

Cabrey Shift Dress

Martinique Long Fridge Hem Sweater

Worth Skinny Jean

Luxletic Midi Pant

Arbelle Off The Shoulder Romper

Printed Popover

Kensington Beaded Top


Talk soon!

Xo, B

End Of The Summer Sales!

Hello again friends. I know it’s been awhile, I honestly say that at the beginning of every post lately… anywhoooo I’m sorry for being so MIA but I have a great post for you guys today!

Once Again summer comes and goes like a blink of an eye, well it’s not over yet but we’re getting there..sadly. But with the end of summer comes SALES. End of Summer Sales!!! So that’s the good in summers end. And today I’m sharing some of my favorite end of summer sale items. Although if I’m being totally honest, some of the items I’m sharing, I purchased at the beginning of summer because couldn’t resist. But now there on sale and you can save on them! (just click to save.)

J. Crew Chino Short

J.Crew Tank Top ($19!! Just saying.)

Topshop Swing Camisole 

Bobeau Stripe Side Tee

J.Crew Bow Top (FAVORITE of mine.)

J.Crew Chambray Tie Waist Top

J.Crew Chino Cherry Short (Another fav of mine!)


Can’t forget shoes!

Sperry Calla Jade Thong Sandal


Tory Burch Flip Flop

Tory Burch Bima 2 Espadrille 

Topshop Waves Espadrille Wedge

Charles by Charles David Miller Platform Sandal

Get to the savings!

Xo, B

Nordstrom Sale Update!

Hello again lovies! I’m back not even 24 hours later, do you believe it?! I know. Me neither. But here I am! And here I am, happy to report that the Nordstrom sale early access is now taking place!!! The sale opens to the public in just a few days but if you are a lucky Nordstrom card holder you can now shop the sale!! And clearly that’s all I’ve been doing… Any who, Like I predicted some of my fav brands are on sale! Tory Burch, Rag & Bone, TOMS,, soo much good stuff. Here’s a peak of some great deals I’ve already come across, as well as a purchase or two I’ve made so far!

The Deals

Tory Burch Adeline Boot

|Regular Price: $498|N Sale Price $299.90|

Mya Skinny Jean

|Regular Price: $59.90|N Sale Price: $38.90|

Twill Peplum Jacket

|Regular Price: $75.00|N Sale Price: $49.90|

Rag & Bone Lillian Stripe Merino Wool Dress

|Regular Price: $450.00|N Sale Price: $298.90|

Sincerely Jules Side-Lace Sweatshirt

|Regular Price: $119.00|N Sale Price: $79.90|

Two by Vince Camuto Off the Shoulder Plaid Blouse


So I know amazing deals so far am I right?! I’m taking my time and don’t want to rush into it but MY GOD ITS SO HARD NOT TOO. The deals are great! Here’s what I purchased so far..

This off the shoulder top caught my eye as soon as I saw it!! SO ME. SO CUTE.

Treasure & Bond Off the Shoulder Sweater

|Regular Price: $69.00|N Sale Price: $45.90|

So cute!! Right?! I loveeee it! Can’t wait to find more great great buys during the #NSale



Long Weekend Packing MUST HAVES!

Hi lovelies!! CANNOT believe the Fourth of July is already here! I swear just yesterday there was snow on the ground. Soooo excited for what’s ahead. My boyfriend and I are headed outta here for the Fourth of July just us two! I’m V excited because not only are we spending a couple of nights away, work free, morning alarm free, but we’re spending a couple nights away in my favorite place. Cape Cod/ Martha’s Vineyard/Nantucket. Yeah, pretty much going to be everywhere! Today on the blog I’m sharing with you readers what I’m packing. Deffff not all because we’d be here AWHILE lol.. So I broke it down into some categories for you dolls.



The main travel accessories

Tory Burch Embroidered-t Weekender


So the newest accessory to the family is this beauty. A beauty am I right?! Too be honest this is not what I was looking for. Let me start off by saying I was in the market for a weekend duffle bag so that’s why I bought it in the first place. But any who, I originally wanted a Vineyard Vines whale weekender but at the moment Vineyard Vines is only selling the weekender bag both online and in store in the world cup print and I was just like no. Nothing against the world cup just no. Nothing fashionable about that what so ever. So that brings me to this Tory Burch BEAUTY.

I originally saw it on the Nordstrom website first and out of curiosity, I then went to the Tory Burch website where IT WAS ON SALE and still is!! From there I clicked order without a second thought and OMG SO. GLAD. I DID. I am in loveeee with this weekender. I know it’s going to last me a very long time and I’m going to get SO MUCH use out of it. Durable, sooo much space, expandable, zip pockets, optional cross body strap, which I love.

Vineyard Vines Tote

Love this Tote. I mainly use it as a beach bag but it’s great for traveling. I usually put things like shoes, food (of course) my laptop, chargers, all the odds and end things that don’t go in my main travel bag.

Vineyard Vines Cosmetic Case

Another Vineyard Vines goody of mine and one of my favorites. If you’re regular follower of my blog you know I love this cosmetic case and have gotten a ton of use out of it. Not only do I love it for its beauty (the checkered blue interior is my favorite) but for its durability. It’s so well built and fits all of my cosmetics perfectly, which is A LOT. Trust me. So right there you know pictures don’t do justice for what you can squeeze in here. Plus the zipper is V strong. SUPER CUTE am I right?!

The shoes…

Now this is the category I tend to over pack the most in. SHOES. So this time I’m breaking old habits and bringing only three. That’s right. THREE. Ugh, if I regret this my boyfriend is to blame.


Another area I tend to over pack in. I just can’t help it!! Who knows what can happen…what if I wake up with a huge blemish and don’t have the right product with me to act fast?!?! Yeah..that’s pretty much how I think when it comes to packing my cosmetics. But seriously “What If?!”

First, my basic everyday makeup/perfume. A MUST.

Second, all the products that I use EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. on my face. another MUST.

Other Necessities 

Annnnnd because we’re going to be in the sun like 24/7 we need protection. Over the course of the last year or so I have really stepped up my skin protection game. Before, I would just go to the beach and oil up with no sun protection what so ever. I never took sun protection seriously. That is until a harsh reality brought me into the dermatoligst’s office with sun spots. Yeah, DON’T EVER want to experience that again. So now I protect!



Picked up these products this morning at Target!

If you don’t hear from me soon..

Have a safe and happy Fourth Of July everyone!

Xo, B

Happy National Wear Your Lilly Day!

Hi darlings! Happy Wednesday! And happy National Wear Your Lilly Day! Anddd happy first day of summer of course!! I celebrated both National Wear Your Lilly Day and first day of summer THE MOST appropriate way I know…bought some new Lilly of course.


What I got

Baybreeze Short

I was in desperate need of a pair of shorts for the summer that I can just hang around the house in/ run quick errands in/wear on a not doing much kind of day… you follow? Aka something comfortable, when it’s just SO unbearably hot to wear leggings. Which is why I’m SOO, SOO glad I found these beauties. They’re just what I needed!! Comfortable isn’t the word. I swear it feels like I’m wearing nothing. SO COMFORTABLE. I already know I am going to get so much use out of these this summer. I mean, I’m already wearing them as we speak.

Callahan Short

I’m a lover of Lilly Callahan shorts but I’m even more of a lover of Callahan shorts when in Resort Navy Travelers Palm. ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITE prints from Lilly. And today I was finally able to snag a pair in my favorite style of shorts from Lilly. So win and win.

Paradis Dress

Something, something about this print I like and am always drawn too. This print seems to always catch my eye. Multi Hit The Spot is the name. And OMG deff in my top five Lilly Print favs. And all’s I had to see…. Was this print. In this day dress. ON SALE. You guys really didn’t expect me to walk away from it, now did you..? Because if you did then you donut know me at all.

I mean, how cute?!



And happening today and today only, in honor of #nwyld when you spend $75 and more you will receive a free gift with your purchase! So thank you Lilly! Loving my bracelet already!



Well, boyfriend is FINALLY on his way home from work with chinese food (THANK YOU GOD) go shop Lilly babes and get your free gift!!

Xo, B

Kenneth Cole Shirr Thing

Hi loves! Long over due new post. I’m really trying to keep up with daily posts but it’s so dang hard..If only I could quit my Anywho, on the blog today I’m sharing this new Kenneth Cole Shirr Thing one piece bathing suit I just got and I’m OBSESSED.

Purchased from Everything But Water for $107

So yes, a little pricey for a bathing suit but the quality of this suit is what makes it. It’s flattering on the body and the material is quite strong. It’s not cheaply made. I’ve been eyeing one piece suits for awhile now and knew I wanted a one piece when I went shopping. One piece bathing suits have seriously come such a long way. It’s fashionable and sexy (according to my boyfriend)

We went to the beach this past weekend and the stares and compliments I got on this suit were numerous. Woman of all ages were complimenting me. It’s different. A stylish/chic different. I find this to be a very classy suit and it’s worth every penny. I already know I am going to get SO MUCH use out of it this summer!

Xo, B