Long Weekend Packing MUST HAVES!

Hi lovelies!! CANNOT believe the Fourth of July is already here! I swear just yesterday there was snow on the ground. Soooo excited for what’s ahead. My boyfriend and I are headed outta here for the Fourth of July just us two! I’m V excited because not only are we spending a couple of nights away, work free, morning alarm free, but we’re spending a couple nights away in my favorite place. Cape Cod/ Martha’s Vineyard/Nantucket. Yeah, pretty much going to be everywhere! Today on the blog I’m sharing with you readers what I’m packing. Deffff not all because we’d be here AWHILE lol.. So I broke it down into some categories for you dolls.



The main travel accessories

Tory Burch Embroidered-t Weekender


So the newest accessory to the family is this beauty. A beauty am I right?! Too be honest this is not what I was looking for. Let me start off by saying I was in the market for a weekend duffle bag so that’s why I bought it in the first place. But any who, I originally wanted a Vineyard Vines whale weekender but at the moment Vineyard Vines is only selling the weekender bag both online and in store in the world cup print and I was just like no. Nothing against the world cup just no. Nothing fashionable about that what so ever. So that brings me to this Tory Burch BEAUTY.

I originally saw it on the Nordstrom website first and out of curiosity, I then went to the Tory Burch website where IT WAS ON SALE and still is!! From there I clicked order without a second thought and OMG SO. GLAD. I DID. I am in loveeee with this weekender. I know it’s going to last me a very long time and I’m going to get SO MUCH use out of it. Durable, sooo much space, expandable, zip pockets, optional cross body strap, which I love.

Vineyard Vines Tote

Love this Tote. I mainly use it as a beach bag but it’s great for traveling. I usually put things like shoes, food (of course) my laptop, chargers, all the odds and end things that don’t go in my main travel bag.

Vineyard Vines Cosmetic Case

Another Vineyard Vines goody of mine and one of my favorites. If you’re regular follower of my blog you know I love this cosmetic case and have gotten a ton of use out of it. Not only do I love it for its beauty (the checkered blue interior is my favorite) but for its durability. It’s so well built and fits all of my cosmetics perfectly, which is A LOT. Trust me. So right there you know pictures don’t do justice for what you can squeeze in here. Plus the zipper is V strong. SUPER CUTE am I right?!

The shoes…

Now this is the category I tend to over pack the most in. SHOES. So this time I’m breaking old habits and bringing only three. That’s right. THREE. Ugh, if I regret this my boyfriend is to blame.


Another area I tend to over pack in. I just can’t help it!! Who knows what can happen…what if I wake up with a huge blemish and don’t have the right product with me to act fast?!?! Yeah..that’s pretty much how I think when it comes to packing my cosmetics. But seriously “What If?!”

First, my basic everyday makeup/perfume. A MUST.

Second, all the products that I use EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. on my face. another MUST.

Other Necessities 

Annnnnd because we’re going to be in the sun like 24/7 we need protection. Over the course of the last year or so I have really stepped up my skin protection game. Before, I would just go to the beach and oil up with no sun protection what so ever. I never took sun protection seriously. That is until a harsh reality brought me into the dermatoligst’s office with sun spots. Yeah, DON’T EVER want to experience that again. So now I protect!



Picked up these products this morning at Target!

If you don’t hear from me soon..

Have a safe and happy Fourth Of July everyone!

Xo, B


Latest Lip Color OBSESSION 

Happy Wednesday friends! Remember me? Just kidding! In case you haven’t noticed (due to my lack of posts) I’ve been a little MIA lately but not by my choosing. My schedule lately has just been insane, so bad that I haven’t even found time for an eyebrow wax but today is the day I woke up saying I will FINALLY share a lip color obsession of mine that I’ve been meaning to share for a month now..NO JOKE. So it’s time I put it out there!

Too Faced Melted matte in Queen B

I am absolutely in love with this lip color. It’s definitely my number one right now. The color Queen B is seriously such a beautiful shade of a natural looking pink tone. I wear this color everyday and get tons of compliments! It’s the most easiest wearable shade for anyone and any skin tone. The color goes on easily, like one coat kind of easy and slightly moist but QUICKLY dries on with an amazing matte finish!

 Not only is the color an absolute fav of mine (well, and the name of the color of course ;)..) but out of all the other liquid matte lipsticks I own and have tried, I find Too Faced to be less drying, less flakey, and longer lasting than most. It goes on smooth, lasts all day..eating, drinking, you name it. The application brush also happens to be a favorite of mine. It’s a firm, spongy like applicator and makes the application process a much easier and more neater process.


Queen B 😉

Too Faced Natural Eyes Eye Shadow Collection

Hi friends! I’ve been slacking on my posts lately due to a wine spilling incident on the beloved laptop that took place recently that I’d rather just not talk about so moving on!! Okay. So I recently purchased this Too Faced eye shadow collection in Natural Eyes that I couldn’t wait to share with you guys because of course I experimented with it last night and I. LOVE. IT. So here it is!!

Too Faced Natural Eyes Eye Shadow Collection



Price $35, which I find reasonable for a palette like itself based on brand, quality etc..The small package box it comes in is super and cute and the actual casing is of the same pattern..it’s super cute! If you regularly follow my blog then you know I’m lover of neutral/natural colors for eye shadow colors and this palette could not be anymore on point for just that!

The palette contains nine eye shadow colors.

  • Heaven
  • Silk Teddy
  • Nudie
  • Cashmere Bunny
  • Push-Up
  • Honey Pot
  • Sexspresso
  • Erotica
  • Chocolate Martini

To finish off I’m going to share a few of my favorite picks from this collection..it was a tough call because I really do love them all, they are alike but different in so many ways. Some colors work better for a night on the town and some work better for a casual day. But my top pick would have to be Push-Up..I love the subtle shimmer it has to it. A few other of my favorites include, Silk Teddy, Honey Pot and Heaven.

Xo, B