Happy Fall cont..

Hi babes! Quick fall season check in continued! Had THE BEST/MUCH NEEDED weekend away with my love thanks to my love (he’s some kind of amazing, let me tell ya)

So normally as most of you should know by now, I’m a beach going, ocean, Ferry hopping, Cape Cod getaway type of gal. But give me the lake in the middle of fall and all its foliage and I am totally game. So anywho this is where my boyfriend took me and it was the perfect place for just that.

The Locale: Chase House at Mills Falls (Meredith, New Hampshire)

This place was something else. And my boyfriend just so happen to spontaneously get the best room for us for this past weekend. One of the best rooms the inn had to offer!!  Two bedroom, balcony, jacuzzi tub, sauna, yeah..all the bells and whistles. I loved it. And the hotel. IMMACULATE. Everything I expected!! Perfect location for a fall getaway with lots of foliage. BEAUTIFUL.


A little Fall Fash Sneak Peek! (Don’t worry I included some fashion/style for you guys so I didn’t complete bore you with the details from my weekend.)

THIS PONCHO. My Latest Obsession. And Newest Item to My Closet.

Yes THIS PONCHO. It’s everything I have been looking for. It’s November and December literally made into a sweater. Reversible..that’s always a plus! It’s so festive and the cutest print ever. I swear I’ll get more into detail soon when I actually wear it and style it. It was just one of those spontaneous buys that I’m obsessing over and just couldn’t wait to share with you guys.

The small deets..

Where I Bought: The Paper Store

Price: $24.99 Currently On Sale for $17.49

Sizing: One size Fits All

Oh and also, Backtracking a week ago to Halloween with this babe. Just couldn’t not include her.


All I got tonight!

Xo, B



Hi darlings! Happy June! Today finally felt like a spring day and I was all about it. In a short post today I’m sharing a new obsession of mine. Ready? Okay, so on a recent day trip with my boyfriend and family to Newburyport I came across this store and FELL IN LOVE. Everything was nautical and by everything I mean EVERYTHING. I swear, I wish I could live in this store. Anchors, whales, navy blue, wine cases!!! Like hunny I. AM. HOME. So this gem of a store that I can’t believe I had no clue about is called SEA BAGS MAINE. 

In the store

How cute are these totes?!?!


A couple of my favorite items

Navy Anchor Tote

Sand Dollar Tote

Anchor Wine Bag

Whale Tail Wristlet 

Ogunquit Sea Tote


Xo, B

Weekend Getaway Travel Must Haves

Happy Wednesday! Two more work days and then it’s Memorial Day Weekend!! So amen to a three day weekend!!! The boyfriend and I were planning on heading to the Cape for the weekend but the weather in our neck of the woods is going to be so un Memorial Day weekend like. Boooo. But any who tonight on the blog I’m sharing some of my weekend getaway travel MUST HAVES.

Vineyard Vines Vineyard Tote

This tote I LOVE. It’s not the bag I would pack my clothes in because it lacks a zipper but I find sooo many different uses for this tote. I’ve used it as a beach bag, a carry on bag, and not gonna lie, a work bag from time to time. It’s big and heavy duty. The material is sturdy and strong and the bag it self can hold more than you would think. It also has a medium size zipper pocket inside which is a major plus for me, especially if I’m carrying money, my license, keys, etc with me.

Vineyard Vines Heritage Whales Large Cosmetic Case

This cosmetic case is perfect for traveling. It’s large enough to fit not only my makeup but things like my face wash, lotions, hair accessories and what ever else I can manage to fit inside. Not going to lie though, that’s not what sold me on this cosmetic case. I mean tell me it’s not the most cutest cosmetic case you ever did see!?!? The blue checkered inside and gold zipper really add to this case.

Lilly Pulitzer Laptop Case

This Laptop case is A MUST HAVE. And I’m not just saying that because it’s a Lilly laptop case I swear. Ready for this one!? I spilt a little wine on this case while my macbook was inside and OMG if not for the case my laptop would be no more. It’s life saving. It’s great for travel. It doesn’t add any extra weight to my bag what so ever. And hey lets face it, It’s nice to look at!! I get SO many compliments on it.

LongChamp Le Pliage’ Shoulder Tote

Okay, so I know I’ve been obsessing over my new LongChamp bag but for good reason. This bag is amazing. I just spilt coffee on it today and it wiped right off stain free!! And if that’s not reason enough for you to want one of these bags then clearly we cannot be friends. This bag is lightweight and can store quite a lot without wearing down on the straps or my shoulder over time.

Xo, B

Cape Outfits & Deets!

Happy Wednesday and happy March first dolls! Spring is near and the weather this past weekend was insane for New England during February. Insane in a good way though! My boyfriend and I were lucky to enough to be down the Cape to enjoy it! Today on the blog I’m sharing photos from our weekend as well as some of my outfit go to’s that I wouldn’t of been able to survive the weekend without.

But first how about the hotel decor?!?! I’m OBSESSED.

Saturday was absolutely gorgeous. Sunny and nearly 70’s degrees..so crazy and the biggest teaser ever! Saturday consisted of three outfit changes but thats what happens when the temps are out of whack for February.

Outfit #1

|Shirt: Target|Vest: J.Crew|Jeans: J.Crew|Espadrilles: Charming Charlie|Tote: Tory Burch|

Outfit #2

|Coat: Athleta|Shirt: Express|Jeans: J.Crew|Rain boots: Hunter|

Outfit #3

|Shirt: Charming Charlie|Black Jeans: Express|Espadrilles: Charming Charlie|

Happy Wine Wednesday!

Xo, B

Cape Cod/Nantucket Getaway

Hi loves! Long time no talk but I’ve been on vacation and while I’m on vacation I (and my boyfriend) “unplug”. No phones, texts, emails, laptop, basically anything electronic. We just got back from Cape Cod and Nantucket. And like always Cape Cod never fails. So here are some pictures I wanted to share with you guys! Enjoy!!




Harbor days are the best days



A diet does not exist when one is on vacation


House Goals. Nantucket Island.


Shout out to this crazy boyfriend of mine toting around my Tory Burch bag because it was hurting my shoulder


Outfit. Torch Burch Flats, Tory Tote, J crew pants, Express Tank


Brant Point Light. Nantucket Island.


On island time



What diet?


Tuck life


Cape Cod. Jaw’s home.


Nauset Beach




Ferry Champs


Pure deliciousness


Nantucket Historic District


TOMS make for the most comfortable shoes for Harbor walks



This lunch did not suck



A long island on the small island



Rainbow in the sky on our last night


Outfit. Lululemon sweatshirt, Lululemon leggings, TOMS, Tory Burch Purse


Love the quaintness of Nantucket



Hope you enjoyed!

Xo, B